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Registration Terms


  • By using this website, you agree to the GTAPoliceMods Terms of Service and have read the privacy policy. 
  • Services that are provided, Terms of Services, and Privacy Policy on GTAPoliceMods are subject to change without further notice
  • Terms that defines GTAPoliceMods: Community, GPM


Outside Policy

GPM does not take moderation/administrative action against members for their activities outside of GPM. We are not the internet police, and we only enforce our guidelines that occur within our platform (community website and community discord). Below are possible exceptions when GPM management may take administrative action.

  • If its a "threat" or could be "harmful" towards the GPM community or our members
  • Doxing, the release of private personal information, physical threats, or violations of United States federal law
    • If you need to report a member that is registered on our platform for any of the above reasons, please contact us at support.gtapolicemods.com in the "Member TIps" department.

Users and Registrations

  • Any information regarding someone’s account will not be disclosed to a third party, nor can a user give to a third party.     
  • Users must use a proper and valid email address. Any email addresses that are not valid or disposable will not be allowed; thus, the account being deleted and removed.
  • Users must only use one account. Additional accounts without prior authorization will be removed and deleted.
  • Users are subject to account limitations and services provided if the Terms of Services are violated. An account can be suspended, banned, and/or deleted without notice if violations of the Terms of Services occur or keep recurring. We reserve the right to terminate (ban) any account, at anytime, for any reason.
  • This is a public forum. By registering you agree that any requests for your account (or content) to be deleted will not be honored. We do not delete accounts/content upon request.
  • Any false information provided during sign up (fake email, fake contact info, etc) will not be allowed and may lead to account termination.

Punishment Policy 

  • In the event your account is terminated (your account is permanently banned from GPM), you may appeal it at "appeals@gtapolicemods.com." You have up to 6 months from the date of the termination to appeal the ban. Please allow up to five business days for the Community Appeals Committee to look into your case. You will be notified of updates via email as the committee reviews your case.
    • In the event your appeal is approved, you may be placed in a "probationary" period depending on the Community Appeals Committee's decision, which will be explained to you via email in the event your appeal is approved.
    • You may only ban appeal once.
  • Any infraction/warning given by staff members will always have a reason. In the event you are warned we suggest you read the message within the warning. If you are unclear about something inside the warning please submit a support ticket at support.gtapolicemods.com. All warnings expire within 365 days. (there is no appeal for this)
  • Any racial content directed towards a member will be dealt with accordingly. This includes up to member termination.


  • Messages between private parties are meant to stay between the parties involved and are not allowed to be shared without consent. 
  • Administrative and Moderation Staff will intervene in a conversation if the content in the message has been reported. 
  • If anyone believes a message violates the Terms of Service or violates any law, the message can be reported and staff will take appropriate action. 
  • Any sort of commercial activities, advertisement, or otherwise specified will not be allowed on the site and is forbidden. 
  • No "back-seat moderating". This means you acting as a moderator to resolve problems. Please let the staff deal with this.
  • No flame wars, no exceptions.

Member Harassment

  • Member harassment in any form will result in moderation actions taken on the member's account

User Content

  • Content is defined as texts, images, downloads, files, within GTAPoliceMods. GTAPoliceMods does not have any control over content outside of the website. 
  • Anyone may not post offensive, obscene, pornographic, political, discriminatory, racist, or anything that violates the law. 
  • Users will be required to post content in the correct category. Administrative and Moderation staff will move content if need be. 
  • In order to keep the reputation system fair we do not allow reputation begging. This includes telling and/or forcing members to boost your community reputation.
    • Forcing/encouraging users to upvote your content in return of goods/services is not allowed either.
  • In specific topics and forums, posts must remain and be relevant to the topic. 
  • Double posting is forbidden unless the author of the thread is using them as place-holders. 
  • No sales or transactions shall be made outside of the Marketplace section (read the Marketplace Guidelines for more info)
  • Gallery images must be your own images. Please do NOT upload gifs. Gifs can be uploaded on threads but not the gallery (they can be annoying and overstress the server)
  • Content hidden or requested to be hidden by the original author are subject to be deleted after 2 weeks of it being hidden. No warning or notification will be issued regarding upcoming deletions.
  • By uploading your images to our website, you give GPM permission to use them at our sole discretion for purposes as we deem fit
  • Community Etiquette is important at GPM. Please make sure you are posting useful content that relates to that subject. Community Etiquette can be but not limited to...
    • Posting useful posts (ex: Do not post two worded responses, put some effort into your content)
    • File Descriptions (ex: Put some effort into your descriptions of your file upload(s).
    • Spelling/Grammar (We are not english majors, however do your best with spelling/grammar)
    • Staying on topic

Gallery Guidelines



Although this is pretty self explanatory, it is a good idea for us to lay down some guidelines when it comes to gallery spam. 

  • We understand you have many pictures to share with the community. However, please use common sense and make sure you are not posting the same images (or similar images) over and over again. 
  • For more information on unwanted content that may be considered "Spam" please read the "User Content" section in the Community Guidelines.
  • Gallery images must be your own images. Please do NOT upload gifs. Gifs can be uploaded on threads but not the gallery (they can be annoying and overstress the server)
  • Excessive Spamming of Single Asset: 
    • GPM Staff Members will Supervise and Moderate Uploaded Gallery Content(s) for Spamming based on the Following:

      • Excessive Duplication of Angling, Setting, Positioning, or Placement

  • Image Titling:
    • GPM Staff Reserve the Right to Remove Images based on Unethical Titling of Upload
    • Descriptions Implied: (numerical or random lettering).png Titles, Unbecoming Language, Profanity, or No Descriptions.
    • Violations of GPM Guidelines in reference to Image Titling involving Unbecoming Language, Profanity, or Lewd Content will lead to


Moderated Actions toward your Account up to Account Termination.

If you feel like actions taken by GPM Staff Members on your account or Gallery Upload(s) are unethical you are encouraged to submit a Support Ticket here


Spamming/Excessive Content/Low Quality

  • Although this is pretty self explanatory, it is a good idea for us to lay down some guidelines when it comes to spam. 
    • Gallery Images: We understand you have many pictures to share with the community. However, please use common sense and make sure you are not posting the same images (or similar images). 
    • For more information on unwanted content that may be considered "Spam" please read the "User Content" section in the Community Guidelines.
  • Low Quality Posting/Content is defined as any content that does not meet the community's expectations. Such as poor posts/content 
    • Examples include..
      • Making a thread with a few words
      • Replying to a thread/content with a few words
      • Uploading content with a few words/poor formatting (aka: copying from another website that has a white background and pasting here)
      • Staff overall have the ability to decide what is considered a violation of our "Low Quality Post" guidelines. At the end of the day be creative and put effort into your content.


GPM Clubs

  • All clubs created on GPM must follow the GPM Guidelines listed here. Failure to follow GPM Guidelines may result in the club getting disbanded
  • GPM Club owners have the right to create their own rules/guidelines and administrate their club the way they want to. however, their custom made rules must not violate GPM Guidelines
    • GPM Staff will NOT take action on someones account if they violate a custom made rule made by the club owner/leader unless that user violates GPM guidelines.
  • You may NOT (indirectly/directly) charge members to join your club
  • GPM Management has the right to remove a club
  • You may not advertise other communities (excluding Community Affiliates)
    • You may advertise personal discord servers, github links, and other external download sites similar to github (as stated above, Community Affiliates may advertise their community within their own club)


  • No advertisements. This includes but not limited to: other communities, organizations, companies, referral links, etc.
  • You can advertise your discord or community in your profile 'About Me' page, profile signature, and your file uploads as long as the intent is not to offer paid services (excluding: Community Affiliates and Verified Developers). The staff team at GTAPoliceMods have the right to remove any advertisement at anytime for any reason.
  • GTAPoliceMods is not responsible for situations that occur outside of our platform.


  • Use the "KISS" method (Keep It Short and Simple). Staff have the right to remove any signatures that violates our rules.

Downloads Section

  • Members can upload and download files from the downloads section, pertaining to each of the game’s categories. 
  • When reviewing a file, please leave constructive criticism. This falls under our "Low Quality Posting" violation.
  • Members who upload their content must agree to the submission guidelines which can be found when uploading a file or below on this page
    • Members who upload their content have the ability to insert a "Author's Terms of Use" agreement on their upload to specify what the user downloading their file can do or can not do with the content. Failure to provide an agreement will prevent the GPM Staff and Management Team from enforcing anything outside the realms of the GTAPoliceMods guidelines.
  • Members who download files must agree to the download guidelines which can be found when downloading a file.
  • Files that contain parts unauthorized for public release or developmental use can’t be used for their own release
  • GTAPoliceMods does not condone the use of modifications for multiplayer games that give an unfair advantage to them or other players
  • You will not hold GTAPoliceMods or any entity associated within GTAPoliceMods responsible or any issues with your game
  • You will not leak or illegally distribute stolen/ripped content
  • Proper development credit shall be given
  • Those who upload files in the download section can now insert their PayPal.Me address to accept donations.
    • GTAPoliceMods is not responsible for any disputes, transactions/donations or fraud.
    • GTAPoliceMods does NOT keep record on who donates to the author of the content. In the event of a dispute please contact Paypal
    • A member shall NEVER be required to donate to the developer 
    • No special privileges shall be given to donators (early access, unlock parts, etc). Aka: donators shall not get anything in return
    • Use at your own risk

  Downloads Section (Submission Terms)

  • You agree that any content that you upload to GTAPoliceMods.com is your content OR has written permission, that can be proven, of you distributing this mod.
  • You agree that in the event you wish to have the GPM Staff Team enforce your Terms of Service / Terms of Use, you have stated them in the proper area named "Author's Terms of Use" (does not include having it in the file)
  • You agree that GTAPoliceMods.com shall not be held liable for any of your mods.
  • You agree that this mod you are uploading to GTApoliceMods.com is not stolen/ripped or violates any law or GTAPoliceMods guidelines. 

You can advertise your discord or community in your profile 'About Me' page, profile signature, and your file uploads as long as the intent is not to offer paid services (excluding: Community Affiliates and Verified Developers). The staff team at GTAPoliceMods have the right to remove any advertisement at anytime for any reason.


All credit MUST be given to any developer or third party that helped in the making of this mod.


Failure to follow these Submission Terms or the GTAPoliceMods Community Guidelines can lead to moderation actions against your account and up to account termination.


Copyright / Downloadable Content

  • Under no circumstances should members of GTAPoliceMods upload anything that violates any Copyright law or violates the original author's Terms of Service.
  • GTAPoliceMods is not associated or affiliated in any way with Rockstar Games, Take Two Interactive or any respective parties. All content is owned by their respectful members.
  • Credit shall be given to it's respectful parties in the description of the mod

Payments, Billing, and Legal

  • You agree that GTAPoliceMods does not guarantee anything.
  • You agree that GPM does NOT offer a service. All transactions are Donations. As stated above GPM does NOT guarantee anything.
  • We have the right to refuse payment for any reason from anyone.
  • All transactions are final (unless specifically mentioned in the item’s description)
  • Any digital item (VIP, donations, etc) are non-refundable
  • You agree to pay the amount shown on your invoice, this includes any auto-renewal options unless cancelled within 24 hours of payment
  • In the event that you request the deletion of all your account data, please note that GTAPoliceMods will securely retain anonymized transaction records (Invoice ID numbers as well as transaction ID numbers) from your account for a period of up to 12 months due to United States tax and legal obligations. We will not retain any of your payment, biographical or other personally identifiable information in compliance with GDPR regulations.
  • Any legal threats or notices towards GPM warrants us to terminate and or suspend your account from our platform
  • Any fraudulent activity (including but not limited to chargebacks) will lead to account termination and the proper authorities will be contacted.

GPM Medals

  • GPM Offers rare community medals. Some medals are considered "Thank you" medals. Meaning, we do not directly sell the medals but given as a "Thank you".
  • Select GPM Medals CAN be traded or given to other members (create a support ticket for a request)
  • Some GPM Medals require human verification. Such as Verified Arm Forces, Law Enforcement, etc. If you do not feel comfortable in the verification process you are NOT required to do this. Simply, you will not receive that medal. (Please note that only the Community Manager will see verification requests, once we have successfully verified you, all attachments/pictures will be deleted). To request verification please create a support ticket.
  • The GPM Staff team has the power to deny, revoke or give medals at their discretion for any reason with or without notice.
  • In the event we offer a promotion where users can create their own medal, the medal must be appropriate and must follow our Community Guidelines. Please note that Management must approve your request after purchase. In the event Management does not accept your request, you will receive a full refund. A Management Team member will reach out to you via PM to notify you of your new medal. You may not request the medal to be changed/edited after it has been finalized. Please allow up to 24-48 (or sooner) for your request to be finalized and complete. One custom medal purchase per user!

Blackout Dates

  • Blackout Dates are dates that GPM holds a moment of silence. All operations are ceased and access to the entire GPM community is offline.
  • Below are the GPM Blackout Dates:
    • 9/11: 8:45 a.m to 10:28 a.m EST. To honor those who died and were affected on 9/11.
    • Oct. 28: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. EST To honor National First Responders Day 

Verified Accounts

The blue verified check mark showcased on someones GPM account lets people know that the account they're viewing is authentic and genuine. To help prevent impersonators, you may request to become a verified member to receive a "check" mark next to your username on your profile. You can request this by going into your Account Settings and clicking on the "Verification" tab.  An account may be verified if it is determined that it is in the best interest of the GPM community. Typically verification status is given to accounts that maintain an influence throughout the GPM and/or GTA community (YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, well known developers, etc). Do note however that a verified badge does not imply any endorsement by GPM. GPM reserves the right to remove account verification status at anytime with or without reason or notification. Accounts that violate our community guidelines may have their account verification status removed. For further instructions please visit your Account Settings page.

Special User Groups



Verified Developer
GTAPoliceMods holds Verified Developers accountable for their actions. Members who are set as a Verified Developer agree to following

  • Any content posted on GTAPoliceMods has had the original author of that content consent to it being on the community
  • Agree that Verified Developer are not fully endorsed by GTAPoliceMods
  • Has a good reputation within the GPM Community and the overall communities surrounding GTA
  • Maintains a appropriate name and avatar that represents GPM positively
  • Must at least upload at least twice every three months and maintain overall activity throughout GPM

Verified Developers are elected by the general community. For more information about this process and procedure please click here



GTAPoliceMods offers a premium usergroup to those who support GTAPoliceMods. To become a V.I.P you MUST purchase it in the store. Donations are not subject for V.I.P. status. Any content (BETA, private, etc) given to V.I.P. members shall remain private and not distributed. V.I.P. Members are not above the rules and are still subject to moderation actions against their accounts.


Community Affiliate

These are members who own and operate a gaming community. They are allowed to advertise ONLY in their signature and in their "About Me" profile page. Community Affiliates are NOT endorsed by GTAPoliceMods, however they meet our standards as a GPM Community Affiliate. To become a Community Affiliate please create a support ticket in the appropriate department and one of our Management Team members will follow up with you soon.

Community Affiliate Guidelines

  • Must have an active gaming community (Twitch, YouTube, GTA Community, etc)
  • Community must be in good standing within the GTA community
  • GTAPoliceMods has the right to add or remove a community at anytime for any reason with or without notice
  • GTAPoliceMods' guidelines still apply for Community Affiliates (no one is above the rules)
  • Community Affiliates may only advertise in the following places:
    • Profile "About Me" page
    • Signature space (text, logo and links are allowed as long as it is not annoying)
    • PMs (ONLY answering questions if someone PMs you about your community)
    • NOTE: Only one person within said community can have the "Community Affiliate" rank on GPM (owner, manager, etc)





GPM Marketplace

Marketplace Policies



  • You must be a VIP or Verified Developer to offer your services.
  • This is the ONLY place on GTAPoliceMods that allows users to advertise their services/content.
  • GTAPoliceMods will not be held responsible for deals made by members.
  • All the sales on GTAPoliceMods should be made in the Marketplace section, regardless of content.
    • Any negotiations/agreements MUST be made via PM or on the sales thread on the forums (Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak, or any other external services will be ignored if scammed due to possible evidence manipulation)
    • The seller must upload the content to a file sharing website (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and must message the buyer the link/download via PM on GPM (Do not advertise your discord)
  • We do not allow deals that have to do with illegal activity or copyright infringement.
  • We do not allow deals that have to do with FiveM
  • The GTAPoliceMods Community Guidelines still apply
  • Linking to external websites is allowed.
  • You may use an autobuy website if you do not want to deal with the hassle of a file sharing website.
  • Seller may require you to join their Discord server in the event they need to verify your identity. 
    • After your identity had been verified, all sales must be done through GPM, not Discord

Breaking any of the policies described above will result in action being taken against your account. You may be permanently banned.

Safe Trading



To minimize the risk of dealing in our marketplace, we recommend following these steps before dealing with someone on this forum.

Use the Search Feature to search the username of the member you are planning to deal with. If someone made a community alert/deal dispute against the member, you'll be able to find it.
Check the Deal Dispute Subforums for any (open) deal disputes made against the member you are planning to deal with.
Check the Profile of the user you're planning to deal with. You should also check the user's reputation.
Use Common sense! This is by far the most important thing to remember. If something looks/sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Breaking any of the policies described above will result in action being taken against your account. You may be permanently banned.



Marketplace Violations



To address all polices and violations in our Marketplace please read this entire document.
Marketplace Violations Rules List:

  • Delivery of Paid Goods - The seller should use GPM at ALL times during and after the sale of the content. Delivery of paid content MUST be done through GPM from a file sharing website (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) NOT Discord
    • You may use an autobuy website if you do not want to deal with the hassle of a file sharing website.
    • Seller may use a service like Discord to have the buyer verify their identity. After verification process is complete the actual sale/deal must be done through GPM itself
  • Multiple vouching - If you continually vouch for a product or seller in the same thread it will be counted as thread bumping.
  • Vouch copies (free for review) can only be offered to VIP members (or above) to prevent leaks. Giving vouch copies are NOT required.
  • Cross-posting is the creation of the same thread in more than one place. Only one thread regarding the same topic may be posted. Also linking outside marketplace to your marketplace threads is regarded as marketplace cross posting.
  • Vouch begging - asking OP (original poster) to supply a vouch copy if it isn't stated in the original post.
  • Low quality bumping - Bumping of your threads with poor posts. More on that below.
  • Sales trashing - discouraging a sale without proper reason or pointing to the thread of competitor product/service; Customers posting negative reviews is not a violation and should not be reported as such. Users abusing this option will be sanctioned.

How do I bump my sales thread?
You don't do so with LQP and you are not allowed to post/bump/delete either. PBD (post/bump/delete) is where you make a new reply in your thread, wait for another post, which bumps your thread then you delete the post. We take PBD seriously and you can be instantly banned and your sales thread closed for doing so. If you want your thread bumped you should make a quality post that positively affects your sales thread or responds to a pertinent reply to another post. Posts that are not acceptable:

  • Not a full sentence
  • Add nothing of value to the thread
  • Are a duplicate or very similar to previous posts (e.g. restocked whatever OP is selling for the third time)
  • Or are otherwise LQ and made solely to bump the thread
  • That is not an exhaustive list, it is just guidance on what is not permitted.

Can I sell for other members?
Yes, we allow partnerships with non-members. If you're selling for an existing member you both cannot advertise the same service or product.

Can I ask for vouch copies?
Not unless the OP (original poster) has clearly stated that vouch copies are available. This is the rule in the entire marketplace. You can't ask for them in PM either unless OP stated you can do so.

Can I give out vouch copies?
Yes you can but you must clearly state you're offering them in your first post and any stipulations like X copies or you require a PM. If no vouch copies are available we ask that you alter your OP so it reflects "no more vouch copies" or "vouches no longer required". Staff will need to know you did have vouch copies available at some point.

Can I post a Marketplace style thread anywhere I want?
No, you cannot. All Marketplace style threads must be in the Marketplace.


Advertising and Paid Stickies



Paid stickies are important threads that members pay in order to place on top listing of the forum display.

Most sections are limited to 6 paid stickies in the marketplace section.

Stickies are sold in two week blocks and you can purchase up to 6 weeks. Special arrangements can be made under certain circumstances for long-term advertising. 

To purchase a Paid Sticky click on the "Request to Pin" button on your thread.

Payments will be made through GPM via our invoice system.
To find out more or ask questions please create a support ticket.



Deal Disputes and Scam Reports



GPM Deal Disputes

If you have made a deal with another Member on the GTAPoliceMods (GPM) forums, and you: believe that you have been the victim of a scam; have not received your Goods/Services/Payment; and/or otherwise feel as though something has gone wrong with your deal, there is a process you can follow to attempt to rectify the issue/s.


Creating a Deal Dispute Thread (DDT)
The purpose of a DDT is twofold. Firstly, it brings your issue/s to the attention of GPM staff, who, once provided with enough information, can attempt to assist you with the rectification of issues between yourself and any other parties involved in the deal. Secondly, a DDT highlights the possibility of the other party potentially having malicious intent regarding deals, which is useful to other GPM Members who are considering, or are already, dealing with the party in question regarding their own deals.


DDT’s are required to have the following information:

  • A link to the other party’s GPM profile.
    • This is to prevent confusion if a username change occurs.
  • Link to the sales thread/post in question, if it exists.
    • If not, please describe the contents of the Thread and GPM staff will attempt to find it using their Moderation Tools.
    • Please also link any DMs that took place between yourself and the other party/s.
  • Search the Deal Disputes section of the forum and link any existing DDT’s involving the other party as the accused.
  • Post all images/screenshots/videos support your claim; include a short explanation for every image/screenshot/video.
  • Add the Username and UID of the Member in the thread title.
    • You can find the UID by going to the member's profile page, and looking in the URL.
    • For example, “https://gtapolicemods.com/index.php?/profile/1-ray/”, the UID is 1
  • Please understand that we cannot get your money back or force a member to complete a deal. Do not PM staff regrading your DDT, all communication should be done through GPM. Please remember that all transactions are at your own risk as stated on our Community Guidelines and Marketplace Rules.

Important Information

Thanks for visiting GPM. As a user of the GTAPoliceMods platform, we ask that you review the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Guidelines. These principles allow us to continue fostering a great community. We have placed cookies on your device to help improve your experience. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue.