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Found 19 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    I made this design pretty quick! Please make sure to give Full Credit to the Owner of this Model! Hope you have fun! THIS IS ONLY A TEMPLATE THAT YOU HAVE TO ADD TO HIS MODEL YOURSELF.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a design I whipped up pretty quick, I have always loved New York Fire Department and there dedicated to protecting the people of the New York. Being a ex Fire Fighter making these kind of textures fills me with joy!! if you are interest in a design being made for you or your group, please contact me!!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    LSPD MINI LIVERY PACK - Supporting Code Blue Modz LSPD EUP 1.22 Pack! THIS IS A FREE (3) Vehicle Pack This Pack has been tested with Ripples RX2700 Pack & Redsaints Code3 Pack Only, although it MAY work with other models. Pack Includes: 2020 Ford Explorer (Code3 Pack Only) 2018 Dodge Charger (Code3 or RX2700 Pack) 2018/2019 Chevy Tahoe (Code3 or RX2700 Pack) Simple Installation Included in the ReadMe For more info --- Discord-- discord.gg/codebluemodz **Note*** This Pack is subject to minor changes/Improvements
  4. Version 1.0.0


    So I had this in the works for a while and if you're following my updates on my discord then you'd know the reason on why this was delayed for so long, anyways it's here now and I can admit, this isn't the best of my work but I needed to release something before I take that break.. Thank you for all the support and I'll hopefully be coming back with some bangers! (Coming Soon Releases) - SAFD EUP Package - Civilian Clothes Package - SADOT EUP Package
  5. Some pictures of my new pack. For more: https://discord.gg/VXTak8s
  6. Version 1.0.0


    this is a pack that i threw together recently i made the taurus livery years ago for a server and it never got to be put into service so im going to share it with you all its 3 cars a taurus vic and explorer hope yall enjoy it
  7. Version 1.0.0


    2018 Chevy Tahoe rapid response unit texture for San Andreas EMS / Fire. Discord:https://discord.gg/qnX66cBaJW DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN NEITHER RESELL OR REPUBLISH.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Pack Preview - ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Blaine County Sheriff's Office Mega Livery Pack Designed for RedSaint's Game Warden Vehicle Pack | Will Still Work With Most Vehicle Models 13 Vehicles | 29 Livery's In Total 2013 Chevy Tahoe - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery 2014 Dodge Charger - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery 2016 Ford Explorer - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery, 2 American Flag Livery's 2016 Ford F-150 - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery 2016 Dodge Ram - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery 2016 Ford Taurus - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery 2018 Dodge Charger - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery, 1 White Livery 2018 Ford F-250 - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery 2018 GMC Truck - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery 2018 Chevy Silverado - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery 2018 Chevy Tahoe - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery 2019 Chevy Silverado - 1 Regular Livery, 1 Ghosted Livery This File Only Includes The Textures I Have Made For RedSaint's Game Warden Vehicle Pack, Except For The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Model (Made By @Blue Line Designs) If You Are Interested In Purchasing RedSaints Vehicle Pack Visit His Website - redsaintmods.com, If You Are Interested In Checking Out Blue Line Developments Grand Cherokee Visit His Post - lcpdfr.com/non-els-fivem-ready-2018-jeep-grand-cherokee-trackhawk/ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ This is my first ever release so dont expect to much. If I did something wrong or missed something dm me on discord @dannyo#1234.
  9. Version 1.0.1


    These are Vermont State Police skins for Redsaints Liberty Mega Pack. (The 18 Silverado has been updated with a smaller logo.)
  10. Version 1.0.1


    RCMP Gator design for Medic4523's [ELS] John Deere Gator join my gtav rp discord server! https://discord.gg/DsASYRP Here's the link to his model:
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is some what based off an Marshal vehicle I came a cross I just made it LSSD instead. This is my second release I've done my first one is on LSPDFR but I will being it here soon. Please feel free to let me know what improvements I could make and do. Enjoy.
  12. Version 2.5


    RELEASE DATE: 05/02/2020 Author: Vision7124 Release Name: Paleto Bay Police 2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Contributer(s): Vision7124 GENERAL INFORMATION: New site, eh? I like. I had previously completed this texture before, however I deleted an entire folder of WIP's when I thought I was going to quit skinning... I have recently made a return due to recent events in all of our lives. I decided to redo this simple yet sleek design with some of my spare time! Stay safe out there! Enjoy! If you have any questions or concerns please express them in the comments section. FILE INFORMATION: -Design inspired from Burlington Police Department, MA -Resolution: Includes 4K only -Color(s): Black & White -Design Complexity: Simple -Includes Lore-Friendly only -Number of vehicle(s): 1 VEHICLE(S) INCLUDED: -2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility INSTALLATION: -Navigate to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday20/dlc/64/levels/gta5/vehicles -Find and open the associated YTD file with the model. (Double click to open). -Drag and drop the specified .png files into OpenIV. -Left click the Save button. ATTENTION: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MODIFY, ALTER, REDISTRIBUTE, OR COPY ANY WORK INCLUDED IN THIS FILE DOWNLOAD. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TAKE ANY WORK INCLUDED IN THIS FILE DOWNLOAD AND REDISTRIBUTE IT FOR PERSONAL GAIN. THE CONTRIBUTERS TO THIS FILE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR GAME, OR THE SYSTEM WHICH YOU STORE THIS FILE ON. Feel Free to Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/KxcJwBk Exclusive Releases!!! ^ Vehicle(s): -2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclemodels/19582-paleto-bay-police-department-pack-els/ (wish it was available on this site, but it isn't)
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A Preston PD based pack Vehicles: https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclemodels/26852-els-blaine-county-sheriffs-office-pack/?do=download&csrfKey=1d363c6c348e00f7e4f483ee921f3808 Seeking W.I.P's, updates, exclusives, and prereleases: https://discord.gg/PXubxF DO NOT MODIFY, STEAL, OR REUPLOAD
  14. Version 1.0


    This is a AMR ambulance design for Medic4523's [ELS] John Deere Gator/ ASAP911 Mini Pack Two designs included: -Blue Star of Life -American Flag Star of Life Here's the link to his model: Medics Mini Pack Download THIS IS A LINK, CLICK THE DAMN THING (DON'T ASK ME WHERE I GOT THE GATOR FROM)
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This pack includes CVPI TEXTURE TAURUS(FPIS) TEXTURE RAM TEXTURE 2015 Chevy Tahoe Texture EXPLORER Textures In Making Silverado 2019 Chevy tahoe 2013 Chevy tahoe 2018 Charger 2013 charger FPIU Ulitily
  16. Version 1.0.0


    I was in D.C. for two weeks, and saw a few of these roaming around, especially during 4th of July events, so I decided to make a pack for GTA V. Instead of the texture having Homeland Security on the front fenders, it says NOOSE, and has the NOOSE seal. I do this for free, so a download, review and/or comment would really help (and may or may not boost my ego) - KNOWN BUGS '13 FPIU has no license plate - VEHICLES '11 CVPI '14 Charger '15 Tahoe '13 FPIU '03 Impala '04 Suburban '16 FPIS '16 FPIU '15 Durango '18 Charger (comingsoon™) '05 Expedition (comingsoon™) '13 Harley (comingsoon™) '10 Charger (comingsoon™) '13 Tahoe (comingsoon™) - DISCORD Here's my discord: https://discord.gg/WVCCuas - DISCLAIMER: ================================= - I, (Bernardavus) am not responsible for any damages done to your game or computer. - This file is confirmed free of any virus and/or malware at the time of uploading. - This file is provided for personal use, and is used at your own risk. - Please make a backup of any files you edit BEFORE attempting to modify them. - You may not further modify this file in any way, shape or form without my permission. - This file shall only be distributed on GTAPOLICEMODS.com, unless otherwise authorised by me. - You must not re-upload this file, PLEASE LINK TO THE ORIGINAL FILE ONLY. - You must not upload this file to any other site, claiming it as your own. - Use in RP communities, streaming and on YouTube is permitted. - I hope you enjoy my work. =================================
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Hello All! I bring to you my very first police texture. This LSPD Texture is LOOSELY based off of Tacoma Police Department in Washington. If you ask me its a nice looking design and slick on a 16' FPIU. I plan to release more Police textures as well as Fire/EMS textures. Connect with me on discord at https://discord.gg/Jbe74Hu I am on there a bunch and YOU can request skins through there. You can find all instructions and credits in the File! Have a good day! Link to original vehicle - https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/13936-2016-ford-police-interceptor-pack-w-hq-interior-els/ (This texture may be used in a FiveM server as long as it is credited properly, Please see vehicle download for more information)
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Hello! This is my very first release and I bring to you a Cal Fire Livery for a type III Wild Land Engine! I plan on releasing many more liveries for Fire Engines and such! I hope everyone enjoys! Credits Rockstar Games - Original Stockade Monekypolice188 - Model TheF3nt0n - Assistance with model edits and mapping. IlayArye - Original Mapping, various rear parts. Bob322 - Base model for rear compartment. Lt.caine - Original wheel model. Voit Turyv - Lightbar. 11john11 - Assistance with sirensettings data. AlexanderLB & Yard1 - Original improved liveries and decals. Link to Original Truck - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/brute-fire-rescue-truck-add-on-liveries-template#description_tab DISCLAIMER: You may use this mod in your FiveM server, so long as credit of the relevant authors is given.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This is something I made last year and never wanted to release on the other site. But I have released on several discord servers so , new site some new people here you go let me know what you think. Here's the charger I use if you would like to use it as well , just place holder in case you have no other 09 chargers you can find. ? https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/21442-els-2010-unmarked-charger/

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