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  1. Version 1.2


    About the skin READ THE DESCRIPTION IT'S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Hello, I'm still alive. This pack is a continuation of the last that again, consist of several texture's I have done over the past month's and weeks. I make texture every now and then and loose motivation to turn them into a pack, so I thought of this idea of releasing them in a pack like such, I think it's a good idea, actually makes me more motivated to do more of the texture's that have only one or two bases skinned. My discord server: where I release things early and do lots of giveaways of a variety of things. Base Models Kanes 16 FPIU Kanes Caprice Georgie Moons Tahoe Georgie Moons FPIS Georgie Moons F150 Matts Dodge Charger BlueGhost Durango Underwoods CVPI
  2. Version 2.3


    Version actuelle: 2.3 LSPDFR Pack Immersif vous propose une dizaine de plugins déjà configurés pour un maximum d'immersion avec le pack complet 100% France ! Les patrouilles et véhicules de renforts ont été soigneusement configurés pour vous permettre d'appeler en renforts des brigades spécialisés comme la BAC, le RAID, le GIGN, le Deminage, les services de secours (SAMU,Pompiers..) ! Pensez à configurer vos touches pour chaque plugins dans les fichiers .ini Le mod contient le plugin VocalDispatch qui vous permettra de pouvoir appeler des renforts et d'effectuer un tas d'autres actions via votre micro en jeu, tout cela traduit en Français Pour obtenir de l'aide et suivre nos mises à jours vous pouvez nous rejoindre sur discord: PREREQUIS AVANT INSTALLATION Télécharger et installer le pack complet 100% France (Version 2.5+): Télécharger et installer ces plugins: INSTALLATION 1. Glissez tout les éléments présents dans le dossier Grand Theft Auto V à la racine de votre jeu 2. Remplacez les fichiers si l'on vous le demande 3. Configurer vos touches sur chaque fichiers .ini du dossier Plugins/LSPDFR 4. Lancer votre jeu via Rage Plugin Hook Packs compris dans le pack immersif: - French Stop the Ped - French Compulite
  3. Version 2.5


    Version actuelle: 2.5 LSPDFR Pack complet 100% France vous propose nombre de véhicules et tenues des services publics Français prêt à l'emploi, la Police Nationale avec ses services spécialisés (BAC, RAID, Brigade Motorisé, PTS..), Gendarmerie Nationale, Police Municipale, Douanes, Sapeurs-Pompiers, SAMU.. le tout y est réuni et pré-installé dans l'archive, il ne vous reste plus qu'a copier collier son contenu et jouer ! Pour obtenir de l'aide et suivre nos mises à jours vous pouvez nous rejoindre sur discord: PREREQUIS AVANT INSTALLATION Télécharger et installer Lenny's Mod Loader: Télécharger et installer ELS: Télécharger et installer les textures: RECOMMANDE MAIS NON OBLIGATOIRE LSPDFR Pack Immersif: INSTALLATION 1. Glissez tout les éléments présents dans le dossier Grand Theft Auto V à la racine de votre jeu 2. Glissez le dossier ModSettings sur votre ordinateur dans Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V 3. Ouvrez le dossier OPENIV situé dans l'archive et effectué les modifications indiqué dans le fichier "a lire.txt" 4. Lancer votre jeu via Rage Plugin Hook JOUER DOUANES Pour activer le mod Douanes vous aurez besoin de reprendre l'archive contenant les textures "Pack LSPDFR.rar" et de suivre les instructions dans le fichier "a lire" Une fois activé, pour charger la frontiere de la douane procéder comme ceci: 1. Appuyez sur F7 pour ouvrir le menu 2. Choisissez "charger carte" 3. Cliquez sur XML 4. Ecrivez dans le carré noir: frontiere 5. Appuyez sur entrez pour charger la frontiere 6. Rendez vous à la frontiere par le teleporteur du commissariat principal dans les vestiaires Liste des véhicules remplacés: Police --> Citroen Berlingo Police Nationale Police2 --> Ford Focus Police Nationale Police3 --> Renault Megane Police Nationale Police4 --> Skoda Octavia BAC Policeb --> Moto BMW Police Nationale Riot --> Véhicule RAID Sheriff --> Renault Megane Gendarmerie Nationale Sheriff2 --> Dacia Duster Gendarmerie Nationale Polmav --> Hélico Gendarmerie Fbi --> Renault Megane PSIG Pranger --> Véhicule GIGN Policeold2 --> Renault Clio Police Municipale Policet --> Peugeot Rifter Police Municipale Fbi2 --> Opel Vivaro Police Technique et Scientifique Policeold1 --> Ford Focus SAMU Ambulance --> VSAV Pompier Firetruk --> FPT Pompier pbus --> Bus Administration Penitenciere Flatbed --> Depanneuse Add-on mers18 --> Renault Megane Douanes Add-on espace3 --> Ford Galaxy Douanes Liste des tenues remplacés: Police Nationale --> S_M_Y_COP_01 & S_F_Y_COP_01 BAC --> S_M_M_CIASEC_01 RAID --> S_M_Y_SWAT_01 GIGN --> S_M_Y_RANGER_01 Gendarmerie --> S_M_Y_SHERIFF_01 & S_F_Y_SHERIFF_01 Police Municipale --> S_M_M_FIBOFFICE_02 & S_M_M_SNOWCOP_01 Pompier --> S_M_M_PARAMEDIC_01 & S_M_M_FIREMAN_01 Samu --> S_M_M_MOVALIEN_01 Police technique et scientifique --> S_M_M_DOCTOR_01 Administration Penitenciere --> S_M_M_PRISGUARD_01 Douanes --> S_M_Y_BLACKOPS_01 Packs compris dans le Pack LSPDFR France: - France 2 tons - French Ambiance - French Locker
  4. Includes 2018 Charger 2014 Charger 2015 FPIU 2016 FPIU 2020 Tahoe 2016 Taurus 2011 Vic
  5. Version 1.1


    30 Car pack made by me over the last couple of months, a lot of hours have gone into this project for you to enjoy! Please check out the credits and Terms of service. Please check out my discord for more content! FIVEM READY ONLY Some Videos made by Kren0xX showcasing the vehicles. (Some stuff may have changed as these videos are 4 and 22 days ago.)
  6. 6019 downloads

    ~~~ [ELS] Unfinished Los Angeles Police Department ~~~ Screenshots taken by: @Dirty Dan @Peep @Hugo @LSPDFR Police Activity @LSPDFR Officer Rodriguez Please stop messaging me for this pack! Here it is! This pack is not up to my standards, it is an abandoned and unfinished project. Expect issues. I will not be responding to any comments asking for support, use this pack at your own risk. This pack includes 4 vehicles: FBI - 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Gang Unit Police - 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police2 - 2014 Dodge Charger Police3 - 2016 Ford Explorer
  7. Version 1.0.1


    This is a livery pack For the Los Santos County Sheriff ---- What this pack includes ---- Liveries For: Infidel's Los Santos Police Sunset Pack 2013 Caprice - Patrol 2013 Tahoe - Patrol, K-9 2014 FPIU - Patrol 2016 FPIU - Patrol 2016 FPIS - Patrol 2014 Charger - Patrol 2018 Charger - Patrol 2019 Tahoe - Patrol 2019 F-150 - Patrol ----Vehicle Links---- Link In Read Me ---- GTA5 INSTALLATION: ---- 1. Download OpenIV from, install it and open GTA V for Windows. 2. locate the .ytd of the car you want to add livery too. 3. Click on the "Edit Mode" button on the top bar. 4. Open the .ytd and drag the correct file in. 5. Click Save 6. Close OpenIV and start the game! WARNING: Even though these are just texture mods, you can still get banned for playing online with them, so avoid going into Online mode while using this mod or any other mod. This is to be used on GTA5 Single Player, and FiveM Servers. I am not liable for any damage to your game or computer
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Join my discord! Extras: Extra 1 -Ladder Extra 2 - Neon Sign Extra 3 - Neon Sign Features: This pack works with theebu#9267's script so make sure you get that if you want COLs work so you can add multiple (3 vehicles on the trailer and 1 on the flatbed if you want)
  9. Version 1.1


    Version actuelle: 1.1 Ce pack civil vous propose nombre de véhicules et quelques tenues pour transformer votre GTA américain en GTA Français ! Notez que plus vous ajoutez de véhicules, et plus vous perdrez de FPS, si vous avez une petite configuration sur votre pc, pensez peut être à supprimer quelques véhicules qui se trouveront dans le dossier lml à la racine de votre jeu. Pour obtenir de l'aide et suivre nos mises à jours vous pouvez nous rejoindre sur discord: PREREQUIS AVANT INSTALLATION Télécharger et installer Lenny's Mod Loader: Télécharger et installer les textures: FORTEMENT RECOMMANDE POUR NE PAS CRASH Gameconfig anti-crash: Prendre la version de votre choix, personnellement je prend la version 1.5x traffic - Glissez gameconfig.xml avec OPENIV dans mods/update/update.rpf/common/data INSTALLATION 1. Glissez tout les éléments présents dans le dossier Grand Theft Auto V à la racine de votre jeu 2. Remplacez les fichiers si l'on vous le demande 3. Ouvrez le dossier OPENIV situé dans l'archive et effectué les modifications indiqué dans le fichier txt 4. Lancer votre jeu Liste des véhicules remplacés: --- CLASSIQUES --- Asea --> Renault Clio IV Asterope --> Toyota Camry Blista --> Volkswagen Polo Buccaneer --> Dacia Logan Dilettante --> Hyundai Emperor --> Citroen C4 Emperor2 --> Peugeot 405 Manana --> Dacia Sandero Ingot --> Peugeot 308 Issi2 --> Mini Cooper Minivan --> Renault Espace Panto --> Smart Premier --> Chevrolet Primo --> Mercedes S600 Stanier --> BMW 760i Sultan --> Honda Civic Tornado --> Kia Optima Tornado3 --> Opel Corsa --- BERLINES --- Tailgater --> Audi A8 Felon --> Maserati Quattroporte Felon2 --> Maserati Fugitive --> Opel Astra Jackal --> Peugeot 508 Buffalo/Buffalo2 --> Mercedes C65 AMG Ninef --> Audi RS5 Oracle --> Volkswagen Passat Oracle2 --> Mercedes CLA45 Sentinel2 --> BMW M3 --- SUVS --- Bobcatxl --> Toyota Rav4 Cavalcade --> Nissan Qashqai Cavalcade2 --> Kia Sportage Dubsta/Dubsta2 --> Mercedes G65 Bjxl --> Dacia Duster Fq2 --> BMW X5 Granger --> Range Rover Huntley --> Peugeot 3008 Landstalker --> Range Rover Mesa --> Lexus GX460 Patriot --> Volvo Baller/Bodhi2 --> Audi Q7 Rocoto --> Porshe Cayenne Sadler --> Ford Everest Baller2 --> Volkswagen Touareg --- UTILITAIRES --- Bfinjection --> Ford Raptor Bison --> Peugeot Boxer Bison2 --> Volkswagen Caddy EDF Boxville2 --> Camion La Poste Burrito2 --> Chevrolet Express DHL Burrito3 --> Chevrolet Express Burrito4 --> Renault Master Enedis Bus --> Bus RTM Coach --> Bus OUIBUS Flatbed --> Depaneuse Dilettante2 --> Renault Clio Securitas Dloader --> Renault Kangoo Rumpo --> Fourgon BFMTV Speedo --> Renault Trafic Stockade --> Fourgon Brinks Taxi --> Peugeot 508 Taxi Towtruck --> Atteleuse Trash --> Camion Poubelle --- MOTOS --- Bagger --> Honda --- SPORTIVES --- Adder --> Bugatti Chiron Carbonizzare --> Audi TT Cheetah --> Ferrari 458 Italia Dominator --> Ford Mustang GT Entityxf --> Lamborghini Aventador F620 --> Maserati Ghibli Jb700 --> Aston Martin DB5 Monroe --> Mazda MX5 Ninef2 --> Audi R8 RapidGT --> Nissan 370Z RapidGT2 --> Ferrari Ruiner --> Chevrolet Camaro Surano --> Porshe 911 Ztype --> Porshe Carrera Liste des tenues remplacés: Armée --> S_M_M_MARINE_01 & S_M_Y_MARINE_01 & S_M_Y_MARINE_03 Brinks --> S_M_M_ARMOURED_01 EDF --> S_M_M_AUTOSHOP_02 La Poste --> S_M_M_POSTAL_01 Securitas --> S_M_M_SECURITY_01
  10. Version 1.2


    Liberty II | New York State Police Pack | Main Fleet By Torz ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Brief Description This pack is compatible with Custom Environmental Lighting NYSP has updated their lightbars to Liberty II about 2 years ago..? I have not yet seen a pack with their updated and detailed equipment/lights that they use. NYSP is no surprise as many have downloaded other packs before. This pack offers 5 vehicles that NYSP fleet mainly use in this timeframe including CITE vehicles and slicktops. So go check out the other NYSP files other devs have already made. So enjoy as I put hard work into this so enjoy! Please read all the readmes/TOS. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Contact: Discord Server: Discord Name: Torz#5167 Please report any bugs to me in discord ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Pack Overview Version: 1.2 Released: 2/19/2021 Add-On Pack Vehicle Included 2F24 | 2018 Dodge Charger (Liberty II) 3K45 | 2020 Chevy Tahoe (Liberty II) 1G71 | 2018 Dodge Charger (Slicktop) 2T87 | 2018 Ford Taurus (Slicktop) E201 | 2020 Chevy Tahoe (CITE) T202 | 2016 Ford Explorer (CITE) Extras extra_10 - ALPR's extra_12 - State Trooper Hat Installation 1. Go to OpenIV and navigate to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks 2. Drag and drop "nystatepack" inside the dlcpacks 3. Navigate back to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data 4. Find dlclist.xml and right click on edit 5. Add this line to the last entry: <Item>dlcpacks:/nystatepack/</Item> then click save 6. Drag ALL the VCFs file into Grand Theft Auto V\ELS\pack_default 7. Download this file to receive the realistic environmental lighting. Tips: Use simple trainer to spawn in the vehicles. Use simple trainer to change the livery of the Charger and Taurus If you want this pack to be a replacement, rename to desired car slot and replace and copy each meta and handling line into your own meta. Cars already have tints on them, no need to add tint in trainer. Download Custom Environmental lighting!! Use the VCF's I provided. They provide the best realistic lighting NYSP use. Each car has it own reflective livery, pretty cool right? Thanks to the following for supporting/helping me: Jakub, Apollo, Enclave, Icey, bzisniper TOS/Legal Agreement You are not allowed to sell, redistribute, leak, re-upload, re-publish any models under any circumstances. You are not allowed to rip, modify, edit, unlock, share, dismantle any models. I am not responsible for any damage or performance on your game or computer. Under no circumstances is Torz entitled to help with the install, there are bunch of helpful videos out You shall take no credit for any model. These models are made for SP use. Torz reserves the right to change the TOS at any time.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Blaine County Sheriff Office | Liveries made by: LSPDFR Pics -------------------------------------------- Installation Path: Replace the.ytd files with the ones provided in this download, regardless if you did addon or replace. -------------------------------------------- Credits: IF I MISS ANY OR CREDIT SOMETHING WRONG PLEASE MESSAGE ME Vehicle Pack: Ripple Liveries: LSPDFR Pics --------------------------------------------- Known Issues: IF THERE ARE ANY ISSUES YOU FIND FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME N/A --------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: DO NOT distribute this content without my permission! This includes liveries and the screenshots. DO NOT use the liveries in a clan or group without my explicit permission. THIS APPLIES TO FIVEM TOO.. Just ask me. Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other website without permission from me. I accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your PC, game, or anything else. DO NOT rip, dismantle or change the livery in any way. --------------------------------------------- Join my Social Networks: Discord - Twitter - @LSPDFR_Pics YouTube - LSPDFR_Pics Steam - LSPDFR Pics
  12. Version 1.2.0


    Only about half of the skins are pictured. Guess you'll have to download to see the rest ?
  13. Version 1.4.0


    Retro Emergency Vehicles Pack: East Coast Addon - a global DLC for GTA V which replace most of emergency services and taxis on analagoues based on ones from Liberty City and Alderney State, from the 90's. Mod was developed in a DLC format with a pretty easy installation. This pack features lots of legendary cars like Ford LTD Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Caprice, Chevrolet Suburban and Ford Crown Victoria. You can get them by spawning via a trainer or just getting a wanted level. Pack includes: 1. DLC archive with vehicles and peds 2. Optional LCPD uniform sets based on 1992 NYPD uniform and 1995 NYPD uniform. 3. Optional dispatch.meta sets, for different types of LC zoning. =================================== CHANGELOG FOR V. 1.4.0 (90's) =================================== Added multipIe variations of Ford Crown Victoria 1992-1994 Added multipIe variations of Ford LTD Crown Victoria 1991 Added LODs for Ford Crown Victoria 1996 Almost all cars now have LCC taxi variants Added Lincoln Towncar 1991 limo version, elite taxi of LC. Chevrolet Caprice 1991-1995 was updated, now it use newer carface80's models Created Liberty and Alderney states license plates for all vehicles. Ford Crown Victoria 1998 was updated, now it use OfficerUnderwood's model Ford Mustang 1991 got some minor updates and bugfixes List now looking short but it was epic long-term work, a lot of research have been made to do somethings authentics and accurate as possible, many items was redone twicely and even more times, 80's and 70's packs are not released, but i just changed tactic. Now i got platform for 1990's packs, based on best models which gta community can suggest. In 2021 i plan to release more 90's packs based on different cities and locations, because it's optimal if we think about optimising of development time. After releasing some themed packs i will return to work on 80's pack, and do same. And in the end i will do 70's packs. It's long term process, but it allows to do releases every season, instead of waiting lot of time before whole work will be ended.
  14. Version 1.0.2


    This is a collection of callouts, updated or created after a brief hiatus, I cannot guarantee the stability of calls in my old pack. This pack features the following calls: Fare Evader This spawns as various 'transit locations' around the city. Namely subways and metro stations. You must attend and investigate a fare evasion. There are multiple outcomes to this call. Drunk Transit Passenger This spawns as various 'transit locations' around the city. Namely subways and metro stations. You must attend to a report of a drunk transit passenger causing issues. There are multiple outcomes, and you may end up fighting or chasing the suspect. Covid Breach Highly Topical! This makes full use of the 'PedQuestions' functionality and is designed to be a fairly 'routine' callout. It can spawn at random locations and you must attend and speak to the person suspected to have breached isolation regulations. This is left fairly open-ended for different play-styles, but you'll likely end up dismissing the subject, arresting them or calling them a taxi!. Non Compliant Patient A mental health patient has escaped a facility and you have to try and bring them back in. There are a number of locations this call will occur at, as well as multiple outcomes. You may end up chasing the patient, they may attack you, or they may even set themselves alight! *NEW* Robbery In Progress A robbery has been reported and the suspect is likely still in the area. Attend the scene, establish what has happened and what they look like (through the question menu) and area search for the suspect. This callout is designed to provide a realistic callout whereby you and your team will scour the area looking for a suspect. If after 5 minutes, you haven't got hold of the suspect, you'll be given a blip. It's a good idea to get backup on this and communicate the description asap. Installation Instructions: Extract the folder from the .rar Place folder in your callouts folder in your fivepd directory Check config.json - this is set to provide a fairly balanced probability and there be no dept restrictions for any of the calls. The source for these callouts is free to view and use (with credit) on my GitHub.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This is my largest pack ever and because the first explorer did so well I decided to make a mega pack. I really enjoy Panos Zaf's LSPD pack (1000) downloads! I hope you guys enjoy and let me know some feedback! Thanks! Have a great day! -Stang Skinz Staff Team
  16. Version 1.0.0


    An Akron Police based pack Vehicles: Seeking W.I.P's, updates, exclusives, and prereleases:
  17. Version 2.0


    Not much to say, I potentially will do more Ambulance models in the future, but for now it's an F-450 Model. Feel free to convert it yourself to other models so long as you give credit to me for the Original Texture! Enjoy!! Thanks everyone for downloading my textures now and in the past, it's been so much fun making some of these, please enjoy this texture design, I found it randomly on Google Images and loved the simplistic design with blue and white, and this Livery came out so lovely, it may be a bit Fictional for the back of the ambulance, I couldn't find but the one picture of Killbuck's Medic 54, so I recreated it the best I could. THANKS!! I've decided to quickly throw in the Rambulances, thanks guys for the love, I had fun making these!
  18. Version 1.0.0


    LSPD Skin pack of 10 Cars - 14 Dodge Charger - 16 Explorer - 16 Taurus - 18 Tahoe - 11 Crown Vic - 18 Durango - 2020 Explorer - Chevy Impala - 17 Silverado - Chevy SS

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