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Found 25 results

  1. Version 1.0


    A single SanTrans vehicle livery for Gate's/GeorgieMoon's awesome 2018 F-150 Work truck
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a SAHP pack FHP styled. I'm sorry but I lost the original cars I just was going through my hard drive and I found them. Cars in the pack -2018 Charger -2018 Charger Ghost -Heli -2016 Explorer -2016 Explorer K-9 -Demon -Boat -2011 CVPI DO NOT REUPLOAD THEM My Discord https://discord.gg/2Z3CyD4QCM
  3. Version 1.0.2


    Today i'm bringing a lore friendly North Yankton State Patrol pack. These vehicles are created with a very basic lighting setup and patterns to try and keep true to the vanilla lighting style, the liveries are pretty much exactly what they are vanilla but with a few additions to make them a little more unique. They feature the following; - Whelen Edge LED bars w/ clear glass, other generic lighting. - Headlight wig-wags. - Each vehicle has a slicktop/unmarked variant. - Fully custom carcols made by me with 100% accurate environmental lighting and colors. - Custom liveries made by me. - Interiors with radar, MDT, console, Touchmaster Delta, gun rack, partition, ticket printer, and radio. ( No trunk stuff, sorry. ) --Vehicle List-- - Marked - nysp1 - 20xx CVPI nysp3 - 2004 Impala nysp5 - 2013 Tahoe - Unmarked/Slicktop/Ghost - nysp2 - 20xx CVPI Slicktop/Unmarked nysp4 - 2004 Impala Slicktop/Unmarked nysp6 - 2013 Tahoe Slicktop/Unmarked I would highly recommend putting on a never dirty setting because they lightbars get fogged out by dirt/snow. I am not able to give installation instructions because I do not actually know how to install stuff to normal GTA, just FiveM. Sorry. Thanks for reading, and I really, really, hope you enjoy. Development Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ebwJ8BA
  4. Version 1.2


    About the skin READ THE DESCRIPTION IT'S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Hello, I'm still alive. This pack is a continuation of the last that again, consist of several texture's I have done over the past month's and weeks. I make texture every now and then and loose motivation to turn them into a pack, so I thought of this idea of releasing them in a pack like such, I think it's a good idea, actually makes me more motivated to do more of the texture's that have only one or two bases skinned. My discord server: https://discord.gg/nTyF3vS where I release things early and do lots of giveaways of a variety of things. Base Models Kanes 16 FPIU Kanes Caprice Georgie Moons Tahoe Georgie Moons FPIS Georgie Moons F150 Matts Dodge Charger BlueGhost Durango Underwoods CVPI
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Another mini pack but this time for the small area/town/village of Harmony along Route 68. This pack is inspired by the very small Village of Glandorf, Ohio. The livery is not meant to be accurate at all, they just have an extremely unique design for a department of 3 officers. This pack will not see any other vehicles added as I wanted to keep it small considering the size of Harmony in the game and Glandorf in real life. I tried to use models from 3 different eras, with a retro cvpi, 14 charger and lastly the 18 charger with lighting setups to match the years. Glandorf seems to only use Impalas hence why there are no SUV's in this. The liveries were made for these models: https://gtapolicemods.com/files/file/2410-2011-ford-crown-victoria-mx7000-ca-themed-fivem-ready/ https://gtapolicemods.com/files/file/2197-2018-dodge-charger-pd-style-fivem-ready/ https://gtapolicemods.com/files/file/2447-rb-charger-non-els/ As usual the textures will fit on other models as long as they are the same base model which is labeled in the download and in the readme. If you would like to use this texture pack in your FiveM server, I do not care. Just please do not pass my work off as your own. That's all. Do not upload this pack to any other sites or attempt to redistribute it as your own. I am not responsible for any issues that could be caused to your GTAV. Always BACKUP your files and install my textures to their proper spots.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    -- Warning -- Do not attempt to rip or resale any textures above! This item is not for intended for sale. -- Note -- I hope everyone enjoys this livery! This was my first ever pack I've done in the LSPDFR Community and I hope to do more! -- Vehicles -- 2011 Ford Crown Victoria: Linked in the readme.txt in the file
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Secret Service FPIU [will fit any of Kanes FPIU's bases] Discord: https://discord.gg/xjaTzcW4TA Website: www.1a3designs.com

    HVY Forklift

    Version 1.0.0


    HVY Modified Forklift Model from: Grand Theft Auto V Edited and modified by: DIBZER Modifications Lighting Type: Non-ELS Features - Amber lighting package - Environmental lighting - Rear license plate - Toggleable extras - Custom lighting patterns - Working taillights, brake, reverse, indicators - FiveM & SP Ready A while back I got challenged by my friends, mainly @FAXES to do something funny. So I decided to make a christmas tree Forklift lol. Please don't take this seriously, it's a fun little project which actually looks half decent and good for use in SP or FiveM! Let me know if you would like to see anymore lore-friendly vehicles done up ?
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Thank you for downloading my Los Santos County Sheriff's Office Pack! There are over 140 textures in this pack! This took me quite a long time to make and there are definitely bases that I may have missed or errors! Please let me know about any errors and I will be sure to fix it. If there are any bases that I forgot to include or you would like to see, let me know in the comments or @Steezens here or LSPDFR and at Discord @Steezens#0180 I WILL be updating this pack to include any updated bases or bases that I missed. ALL models in the screenshots are public models available either on GPM or LSPDFR ALL the textures are labeled with their corresponding base model If you would like to use this texture pack in your FiveM server, I do not care. Just please do not pass my work off as your own. Thats all. Do not upload this pack to any other sites or attempt to redistribute it as your own. I am not responsible for any issues that could be caused to your GTAV. Always BACKUP your files and install my textures to their proper spots.
  10. Version 1.0.2


    LSPD Swift Pack by leod23 2K | 4K | 8K Install: 1. Go to the patchday that has the vehicle's file that you want to replace using OpenIV 2. Open the .ytd file for that vehicle using OpenIV Make sure edit mode is on 3. Simply drag and drop the .png file for the vehicle you want to replace into the texture viewer 4. Open the game NOTE: If you are using a car different from the one that I used in the screenshots (listed below) you MAY have to rename the .png file. Just find the texture file for the car you want to use in the .ytd file (you can usually just search the word "sign" in the search box and find it) and rename the .png file to the correct file name. Current Vehicles 2010 Silverado 2011 Crown Vic (3 templates) 2014 Charger (2 templates) 2015 Tahoe 2016 Explorer (3 templates) 2016 Taurus 2016 Express Van 2018 Charger 2018 Durango 2019 Tahoe 2020 Explorer (2 templates) 2020 Tahoe Feel free to request more vehicles or different templates but no promises https://discord.gg/tvbTyGpbpV Credits: textures by leod23 This design is based on the West Shore Regional Police Department and is 100% lore friendly. Thanks for reading. Enjoy.
  11. Version 1.0.1


    DISCLAIMER: DO NOT RE-UPLOAD THIS PACK AND CLAIM ITS YOUR OWN. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE SMALL CHANGES AND REUPLOAD. YOU MUST ASK PERMISSION IF YOU ARE USING THEM FOR YOUR MODELS OR RE-UPLOADING THE FILES. BY DOWNLOADING YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE TERMS THAT I HAVE SET AND MUST ADHERE TO THEM AT ALL TIMES. Please read!!! Hello its me ChazXL dropping a hard drive cleaning of liveries that I have done over the days! These are all 1-3 vehicle packs for a wide range of vehicles. I hope you enjoy my work and if you have suggestions for future work join the discord!!! To replace the files drag and drop the png into the PROPER vehicle model .ytd file! I am not responsible for any damage to your game or application for using my products! If you enjoy the work and want to support me further me more (CLICK ME)!! ENJOY!!!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Check out my Discord!!! https://discord.gg/UrMCJsY How to Install: 1. Install Ripples pack for VCF's (link located in Credits). 2. Extract the Los Santos Police Livery Pack folder. 3. Open OpenIV and activate Edit Mode. 4. Locate your mods folder and locate the vehicles.rpf file. 5. Drag and drop all YTF's and YTD's. 6. Press save. 7. Install the VCF's into your ELS folder in your GTA V Directory. 8. Launch your game and enjoy. Vehicles: police3: 2016 Ford Explorer fbi2: 2019 Cheverolet Tahoe sheriff: 2020 Ford Explorer sheriff2: 2014 Cheverolet Tahoe Credits: Vehicles: Ripple. Liveries: MEDIC3630 Flag Decal: leod23 This Livery Pack is based off of Chino Police out of California This pack is Lore Friendly!
  13. Version 3.01


    FIB Police Pack v3.0 by Jacobmaate et al. This mod aims to introduce a new federal law-enforcement agency to GTA V: The Federal Investigation Bureau Police. This pack is essentially a lore-friendly version of the real FBI Police, with a selection of vehicles and equipment mimicing their real life counterparts. I hope that this pack can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone, even if you're not specifically a fan of the FIB Police concept, hopefully you can see from this pack that lore-friendly mods can still be highly detailed, and at times even closely follow their real life counterparts and yet still be unique. As of version 3.0, the spawn codes for the vehicles included are: • FIBP - Stanier • FIBP1A - Stanier (Supervisor) • FIBP2 - Buffalo A/C • FIBP3 - Torrence • FIBP4 - Alamo • FIBP42 - Alamo (K-9) • FIBP5 - Granger • FIBP6 - Scout • FIBP62 - Scout (K-9) • FIBP7 - Rumpo • FIBP8 - Pigeon Patrol ---- Features ---- • LODs • Dirt mapping • Breakable glass and glass shards • Liveries (templates included) • Custom sirensettings/flashpatterns • Custom soundbanks • Custom handling • Custom lore-style lightbars and equipment • Optional LSPDFR Integration files ---- Change Log ---- v3.0 (March 06, 2020): A complete overhaul of the modification: Pretty much as if this was a brand new mod - everything has been redone from scratch. This was done to give the mod a fresh feel, and to ensure that it wasn't bound by its previous version and also making sure that all content was up-to-date. FIBPv2, at its time of release, was regarded by many as the most detailed lore-friendly pack around. One year on, I wanted to make sure it remained that way, so hopefully this update is something that exceeds your expectations ? • Reworked all FIB and FIB Police assets • Updated designs: New fonts, colours and logos etc (closer to FBI Police design) • Updated sirensettings/flashpatterns • Created new lore-style lightbar and lighting equipment for all vehicles • Updated base Vehicle models and interior equipment • Given Explosives K-9 Vehicles their own slots with K-9 package equipment • Added glass shards to all vehicles • Added Optional LSPDFR Integration files: Custom duty station, ambient spawning/patrols, backup options etc. • Updated custom handling • Added custom soundbanks: New engine noises/swapped 'police' sirens for 'federal' sirens (as per Discord poll) • Added lighting variations for some vehicles • Updated U.S. government federal license plates and more... v2.0 (February 06, 2019): • Added 6 more vehicles: Scout (Replacing Gresely), unmarked Torrence, Caddy, Sovereign, Sandking and Alamo • Fixed a variety of issues: liveries, LODs, lightbar sizes etc. • Updated sirensettings/flashpatterns and more... v1.0 (October 06, 2018): Initial release ---- Installation ---- Please see the included readme.txt file inside the archive for installation instructions Installation instructions for the optional LSPDFR Integration files are included inside the "Optional Files" subfolder inside the archive. ---- Requirements ---- OpenIV - Required to install these files to your game Custom Gameconfig - Required to support multiple addon vehicles, otherwise your game may crash If you wish to install the optional LSPDFR Integration files, then you'll also need to make sure you've installed the following requirements: LSPDFR v0.4 (or above) - LSPDFR v0.4 or above is required for the optional LSPDFR Integration files - older versions not supported. LSPDFR EUP Configurations - EUP LSPDFR Configs are needed otherwise FIBP uniforms will not work, and you'll have missing files you'll need to edit. ---- Credits ---- Full comprehensive credits list With thanks to all the contributors of this modification! ---- Known Bugs ---- No known bugs as of present ---- Permissions ---- • You're allowed to use this modification for your FiveM server, so long as appropriate credits are given. • You're allowed to use my assets from this modification for your own mods, so long as appropriate credits are given. • You're required to seek permission to use assets from other developers found in this mod from those respective developers - not myself. Please see the comprehensive credits listed above to see which assets are mine, and which are made by others. • If you make a reskinned version of this pack, please only upload the liveries, and provide a direct link to this mod page. • This modification is exclusive for download at GTA5-Mods.com, lcpdfr.com and gtapolicemods.com. Downloads from other sites will be regarded as stolen. ---- Social Media ---- MAATE Modding Discord Server My Youtube Channel My Twitter My Instagram My Patreon
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Oh look, my very first mod upload to GTAPoliceMods! Happy New Year everyone! IMPORTANT: Before installing this mod, please ensure you have downloaded and installed a custom gameconfig, such as this one. Also ensure you have OpenIV installed. Inside your download will be a readme.txt file, to explain exactly how to install this mod, as well as a credits.txt file. ABOUT: The ULSA Emergency Pack: A lore friendly vehicle pack based on the University of California, Los Angeles. Ranging from the ULSA Police Department to the ULSA Emergency Medical Services and a lil Health Inspector car on the side, you're all kitted up and ready to make a rather small place feel large again. Vehicle Spawn Codes: ULSAPD - Stanier ULSAPD1A - Stanier (slicktop) ULSAPD2 - Scout ULSAPD3 - Alamo (K-9) ULSAPD4- Merit (Unmarked) ULSAPDOLD - Stanier (Legacy) ULSAEMS - EMS Scout ULSAEMS2 - Speedo (Box) Ambulance ULSAEMS3 - Speedo Ambulance ULSA - Health Inspector Dilettante A full list of credits and respective contributors can be found in the credits.txt file supplied in this mod. PERMISSIONS: Whilst I've essentially done all the vehicle assembly and much more by myself, this pack is ultimately the work of many who've contributed through assets. If you wish to modify any part of this mod, then be sure to check with the respective authors beforehand. Copying or redistributing this mod, in whole or in part, without the my permission (or approval by it's respective author) is strictly prohibited. This mod is exclusive for download at GTA5-Mods.com, lcpdfr.com and GTAPoliceMods.com only. Downloads from other sites will be regarded as stolen.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Thanks for downloading my first texture pack! This pack is based off of Cobourg Police Service in Ontario, Canada. This pack is not meant to be 100% accurate and there will be differences. I felt that there aren't enough packs out there for this little town and that Grapeseed needed some love finally. If enough people want a different city I can look into doing that. IF there are any other vehicles you want textures for just let me know in the comments or pm's. IMPORTANT - The entire pack is optimized for the vehicles in TickleMyElmo's LSPD pack. - This is not supposed to be a direct copy of the Cobourg Police Service, it is simply inspired by it and is no means 100% accurate. - The 2017 silverado texture is made for the previous version of TickleMyElmo's silverado. It will not fit the most current version as I cannot find a template for the updated silverado. This is also why it has no custom plates. - The 2019 Tahoe is for DanwiththeVans updated 2019 Tahoe and the most current tahoe in TickleMyElmo's LSPD pack. It will not fit TheHurks. IF people want a skin for TheHurks tahoe, I will do one. Do not upload this pack to any other sites or attempt to redistribute it as your own. I am not responsible for any issues that could be caused to your GTAV. Always BACKUP your files and install my textures to their proper spots. IF you want to use it for your FiveM server just ask me first. PLANNED SKINS - Express van for TickleMyElmo's LSPD pack - Updated Silverado texture - Various other templates for other vehicles - 2020 FPIU - Ghost versions
  16. Version 1.0.0


    LSPD Texture pack using TheGreatHah's Code3 Rx2700 pack. This light setup is very similiar to Santa Cruz down to the steady burn Hot Feet. I will update the pack with license plates in a couple days. as well as some other changes. I hope you all enjoy this pack!
  17. Version 1.1


    I'm happy to bring you this lore friendly pack based on Broward County Sheriff F,L the pack include's 15 skin's for 12 different model's. Vehicle Skins included in the pack: 2010 Charger 2014 Charger 2018 Charger 2010 Silverado 2017 Silverado 2014 Tahoe 2019-2020 Tahoe PPV 2016 Impala 2016 FPIU 2011 CVPI 2014 Caprice 2016 FPIS Installation: Open the corresponding vehicle .ytd file, click import and select the skin for the same vehicle and save. Some Compatible Models. (Will fit other's) Available at GPM. Vehicle's Planned. 2018 Ford Expedition. Feedback is welcome this is my second skin pack I have released give it a thumb's up if you download and enjoy.
  18. Version 2.5


    RELEASE DATE: 05/02/2020 Author: Vision7124 Release Name: Paleto Bay Police 2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Contributer(s): Vision7124 GENERAL INFORMATION: New site, eh? I like. I had previously completed this texture before, however I deleted an entire folder of WIP's when I thought I was going to quit skinning... I have recently made a return due to recent events in all of our lives. I decided to redo this simple yet sleek design with some of my spare time! Stay safe out there! Enjoy! If you have any questions or concerns please express them in the comments section. FILE INFORMATION: -Design inspired from Burlington Police Department, MA -Resolution: Includes 4K only -Color(s): Black & White -Design Complexity: Simple -Includes Lore-Friendly only -Number of vehicle(s): 1 VEHICLE(S) INCLUDED: -2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility INSTALLATION: -Navigate to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday20/dlc/64/levels/gta5/vehicles -Find and open the associated YTD file with the model. (Double click to open). -Drag and drop the specified .png files into OpenIV. -Left click the Save button. ATTENTION: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MODIFY, ALTER, REDISTRIBUTE, OR COPY ANY WORK INCLUDED IN THIS FILE DOWNLOAD. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TAKE ANY WORK INCLUDED IN THIS FILE DOWNLOAD AND REDISTRIBUTE IT FOR PERSONAL GAIN. THE CONTRIBUTERS TO THIS FILE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR GAME, OR THE SYSTEM WHICH YOU STORE THIS FILE ON. Feel Free to Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/KxcJwBk Exclusive Releases!!! ^ Vehicle(s): -2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclemodels/19582-paleto-bay-police-department-pack-els/ (wish it was available on this site, but it isn't)
  19. 25 downloads

    This is my 2014 Tahoe Based off of Bexar County Texas. She was a beauty once finished but a pin to make all that line work look good. Had to make a few bits completely from scratch, and was able to pull some nice quality images from photos of Bexar Vehicles, and jsut use them to work on it. Either way id say the end result came out amazing, and I cannot thank @lobsterninjas enough for the amazing screenshots he took of it. God Bless and enjoy the skin!

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