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  1. Version 1.0.0


    -- Need Support : https://discord.gg/rBBCDwhRYr Hope you enjoy my content and would like to join my discord and support me!
  2. When responding to calls, AI continuously try to harm me when at gunpoint, and even when they've been tased and get back up. I've watched other videos of FivePD where AI held at gunpoint put their hands up and comply with officers, however that doesn't seem to happen with my game, even when multiple officers (players) have them at gunpoint. Any ideas on why that might be and how I can fix it?
  3. Version 1.0.5


    Callouts Domestic Disturbance Moped Crime Person On Tracks Stabbing Victim Suspect With Machete Theft How to install: Drag the "BritishCallouts" folder into FivePD/Callouts/ in your resources folder! Support: For support please join my Discord Server and submit a support ticket. https://discord.gg/dzPdUwMDFU
  4. I own a Norwegian server, and it’s based around FivePD but the only thing making the server bad, is that FivePD stops working after a little while. I have to type in the console /restart FivePD every 20 minutes gone
  5. Hello everyone, Today I decided I'd make a quick post to update everyone on the progress of FivePD Economy. First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for your support in the project and I have came to realise that the anticipation for this plugin is huge! Development has stopped over the past couple of months due to my own personal reasons, but I am glad to say that I have restarted development once again. While I definitely do not have a release date, I hope to have a functional version (possibly ready for release) by Christmas and new year. One thing to note is that I will be taking my time with the project rather than exhausting myself to get it done as quickly as possible. With the job I have as well as college assignments, I may end up taking another break as it comes closer towards the holiday season. I have been working on some of the following features: Inventory System Grocery Stores Gun Stores Banks All of these things are almost done. All of the stores (apart from the gun store) will have robbery systems when complete. I am still needing to make some of the items and work out how people will use them, but so far everything is functional and has been tested. Soon I will be getting started on the following: Car Dealership Jobs Character Creation Admin Menu (For Live modification and moderation) This plugin relies heavily on MySQL databases, however, I am trying to make it as easy as possible to install onto anyone's server as possible. There will be far more features before the full release but these are just some of the things I plan on starting in the coming weeks. I am also planning on potentially having a small testing team, but I will discuss more details when I have figured out my plans for it. Thank you for everyone's patients and support!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Here are some custom CAD/MDT backgrounds for your FivePD Server. This pack uses all of @Bullzeye's AMAZING badges and designs. I plan to make many more and I am currently open for commissions/ requests! let me know what you guys would like to see. I cannot offer any installation instructions because I have no clue how to do it. Im sure someone in the support section can help you out. Have any questions or comments? Drop them down below!
  7. Version 0.9.0


    This is my first file on GPM. I decided to go through the process and make a custom questions list for FivePD on the server I have. This is still an in progress project with another 9 categories planned. I also plan to have more questions and statements in a future release of this. Part of the concept behind this is having questions/statements set that allows for people to play the role of different agencies and spur on investigation or such from there. Under CVE for example, I have it set to where you may get a manifest that doesn't match up, which can lead you to taking further steps. I will certainly be adding to the federal listing, to spur on potential impromptu investigations where you have the freedom of how that goes. The release is nothing over the top or super special, but I figured I would share what I have for the time being with the community. If you have any potential questions you'd like to see added in or have suggestions or any kind of feedback, surely let me know in the comments below. I will also be getting some more screenshots later. What is planned is Fire Investigations, Robbery, Homicide, Auto Theft and several others.
  8. So before you say it doesn't work, ive played on 6 servers using the same coded(unmodified) ELS+ and I wanted to know if anyone experienced ELS vehicles not using lights(ai) and if anyone knows of a fix. Day 5 as of this post trying to solve.
  9. Hello! I've searched and searched on the internet for a script that disables an ELS siren when you exit a vehicle (a bit like the LSPDFR mod when when you press F the siren is disabled). I felt like this would be important on my server as it can get frustrating when there are multiple sirens blasting out and you must go into every individual car checking to find out which vehicle it is! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Ethan
  10. We recently updated to FivePD v1.5.1 and all is good and well but randomly it might just stop working and it is only fixed by restarting the server. Does this happen to anyone else? Thanks!
  11. Version 1.1.2


    ## Works great with FivePD! ## ## NEW : Animation Menu ! ## AIBackup for FiveM-FivePD **PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IN THE README BEFORE USING IT ** Full instructions on GitHub : https://github.com/AxNaash/AIBackup-FiveM-FivePD- Thanks to Mooreiche for uploading the original mod & allowing modification ! **New !** Driver / Passenger : controllable separately now for Following and Animation ! Animation Menu : You can select animations for backup units if on foot. Animations List : Cop Traffic (Beacon), Cop Idle, Lookout, Kneel, Guard, CPR, Talkie, Sit on the ground, Notepad, Clipboard and Reaching gun. Important : Cop Traffic does not work on Female Models. Remark : If you want units to stop from looking at you after following you, unselect them then press H twice. Tada ! They don't look at you anymore. **INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS** : Make sure to rename the downloaded folder "AIBackup-master" to "AIBackup" so that you can load it easily, then paste it in your /resource folder. To run this, you will also have to download JayMontana36/mythic_notify on GitHub and start it (‘ensure mythic_notify’) before ‘ensure AIBackup’ in your server.cfg. **WHAT IT DOES** : It allows any player to call for multiple NPC backup units from a selection of types equipped with different loadouts (LSPD, FIB, LSSD, SWAT, Bombing squad, Non-lethal, Female LSPD and Forensics). These units can follow the calling player on foot or in a vehicle, aim and shoot at whatever ped the player is targeting. Their purpose is to provide support on scene and follow the player while being on pursuit. We edited this mod because we only play FivePD on our local server like a COOP Game so we really wanted the function to call backup as we are used to from LSPD:FR. You can now select animations for backup units (on driver/passenger separately or both) if on foot. By AxNaash & Neozander.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Callouts Individual refusing to leave A caller has reported a difficult individual on their property. Respond to the scene and check out the commotion, but be aware that the subject may be aggressive or may want to flee. There is only one callout? Yes, that's true. The project is currently at it's starting phase trying to get as much feedback as possible. This is done to prevent spending too much time in callouts that people may not like. Also, quality above quantity ;). Installation 1. Download the file. 2. Extract the files from the RAR. 3. Place the CalloutsPlus_X.X.X folder into your FivePD callouts folder. 4. Let me know of any bugs Configuration The configuration file (settings.json) can be used to change some features of the callout(s). Planned callouts / features I have a lot on my mind regarding this project. I could however use some help. If you have some suggestions, please let me know! Known Bugs None at this moment. You found a bug, have a suggestion or want to give feedback? I'm all ears! Let me know in the comments, send me a private message or hit me up on Discord (Darihon#0001). Thank you!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    I put together a lot of questions/answers from different places and added some of my own. I did not make all the questions. Props to those who made them. With this question file, it will being a lot of roleplay to you, your friends, and or your community. Enjoy! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment. Questions Related: Traffic Stops - Normal (Moving Violations, Equipment Violations, and Admin Violations) Traffic Stops - DUI Alcohol Traffic Stop - DUI Narcotics Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Seatbelt Observations Alcohol Investigations Assault/Battery Domestic Gang Questions Narcotic Investigations Stolen Vehicles Traffic Stop Investigation Weapons Investigations Wants/Warrant Installation: FivePD > fivepd > config folder (Drag and Drop)
  14. Version 3.0.1


    This modification adds an additional street race call out for the FivePD FiveM resource. I've so far managed to implement a few nice features to prevent the call from being identical at every time it flags up. For example, there are random vehicle models that spawn for the street race, as well as a smple checkpoint randomization algorithm. This means that hopefully you'll see some variety in the route of each street race, and I'll hopefully keep working on it to improve this over time! Currently as it stands, a configurable amount of suspect vehicles (default values around 2-5) are involved in the street race and will follow the same randomly generated route as each other. Their blip will disappear if you get too far from them so be careful and plan your approach well! If you are experiencing issues, please don't be afraid to report it on the GitHub issues page for the resource (Click) Installation Extract FivePD-StreetRace.net.dll & FivePD-StreetRaceConfig.json from the archive Drag FivePD-StreetRace.net.dll & FivePD-StreetRaceConfig.json into the callouts folder located under resources/fivepd/callouts Restart FivePD GitHub Repository: Click here
  15. I have reinstalled FivePD twice, the whole server once, checked my SQL database like 14 times. It all seems to be perfectly fine, so why do my charges keep stacking? For example if I create an arrest report for someone and charge them with a DUI. The next arrest report I make I give them a vehicle theft charge, when I submit the report and go back to read it both the DUI and theft charge are listed, I made sure that the previous charge is not selected and it's not. Any ideas what is happening? Update: I updated to the newest version of FivePD and I still have this issue.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Just a simple translation of basic fivepd menues (F11, Z, X, G) to Russian.This must be useful for some russian servers if they exist at all? Перевод базовых меню FivePD (F11, Z, X, G) на русский. Делал, чтобы мои дети могли играть. Старался, чтобы всё было логично и не выходило за поля.
  17. I have reinstalled FivePD twice, the whole server once, checked my SQL database like 14 times. It all seems to be perfectly fine, so why do my charges keep stacking? For example if I create an arrest report for someone and charge them with a DUI. The next arrest report I make I give them a vehicle theft charge, when I submit the report and go back to read it both the DUI and theft charge are listed, I made sure that the previous charge is not selected and it's not. Any ideas what is happening?
  18. 2018 Charger San Andreas State Police DPS
  19. Version 1.1


    This is my first FivePD mod so if something is missing, let me know. Ceci est mon premier mod de FivePD alors si il manque quelque chose, dites le moi. INSTALLATION: - installer le contenu du dossier languages dans votre dossier de langues de FivePD (.../fivepd/languages) - install the content of the languages folder in your FivePD language folder (.../fivepd/languages) Enjoy! - MSGT.Parent If you need support or want to join my Montreal-based community, join FivePD MTL on Discord. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou vous voulez joindre ma communaute base sur Montreal, joignez FivePD MTL sur Discord. https://discord.gg/95kcdBX ** DO NOT EDIT, REDISTRIBUTE OR USE FOR PROFIT WITHOUT MY CONSENT ** ** NE PAS MODIFIER, REDISTRIBUER OU UTILISER A DES FINS LUCRATIVES SANS MON CONSENTEMENT **
  20. Version 1.1.1


    [NOTICE FROM THE DEVELOPER] As of v1.1.0, I had to recreate most of this callout from scratch due to file loss over my winter break. As a result, this pack update only brings the Bank Robbery callout up to being compatible with the latest FivePD version. The Shop Robbery side of this will return at some undisclosed point in the future. I do not have as much free time as I once had for this as work has picked up significantly since the pandemic has "stabilized", if you will. The older version of this callout pack will remain available but does not work with any of the recent versions of FivePD, and thus I do not recommend using the older version on your server. There may be more bugs in this than I usually release a callout with, but I have more DMs than I care to regarding people wanting this callout pack back, so here you go. Enjoy busting bank robbers for now. SCENARIOS Bank Robbery A silent alarm has been triggered at a bank, respond code 3. Witnesses are suggesting there are multiple armed suspects. Back-up is advised. Five different locations including the Pacific Standard Bank, the Paleto Bay Bank, and an assortment of Fleeca banks. Hostages and tellers on scene, as well as an bank-size appropriate amount of robbers. Large chance you arrive on time and the suspects are still inside preparing to leave. Be ready, they're ready to fight their way out of this. Small chance you arrive late and they are already loaded up in their vehicle. Depending on the suspect's weapon of choice, you may have a tough pursuit ahead of you. Shop Robbery (Not Present in v1.1.0) A caller is reporting a local convenience store is being robbed at gun point, respond code 3. All 19 convenience/liquor stores are included. Six distinct scenarios, and a variety of suspect behaviors to keep the responding officer on their toes. There is a chance the shop clerk has a shotgun, and is able to defend themselves. A shootout between the suspect and shop clerk will occur. There is a chance the shop clerk will hold the suspect at gun point, having defeated them and successfully defended their store. You can speak to the clerk by pressing "E". There is a chance the suspect is aggressive, or passive. If they're aggressive, they'll attempt to kill the clerk and possibly the responding officer as well. If the suspect is passive, they will flee attempt to flee either on foot or in a vehicle while avoiding a lethal situation. PLANNED FEATURE UPDATES & ADDITIONAL CALLOUTS Recreate the Shop Robberies. KNOWN BUGS / ISSUES None are currently known.
  21. Hi! I've searched this online and cannot seem to find a fix to the issue, this is from the console on VibeGames! Any help will be appriciated! Gameiki
  22. Hello when ever i request anything from the dispatch menu nothing comes and i cannot cancel the request
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This background & logo replace the default FivePD ones with the London Metropolitan police's. This includes the Computer background and the middle logo. It's a nice clean look, simply replace the ones in the default FivePD folder, or set them as department backgrounds etc. I have used @melmPower button stuff as it looks really clean! Hope you don't mind dude.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Stop a vehicle you’re chasing. Someone asked me to make a script that can stop vehicles they’re chasing after performing the pit maneuver in FivePD. The script helps a lot since AI cars are almost indestructible to pit maneuvers and won’t stop, anyways enjoy this resource! Video preview: https://youtu.be/tSFyJN-V7ls
  25. Version 1.1.1


    I will post updates on my Discord so if you are intrested the newest updates join my Discord: https://discord.gg/DaDJbHX Officer Down Callout (Medium chance) When you arrive on scene you will have an officer on the ground, and an armed suspect who will either surrender, flee or fight back. Chances on arrival - Suspect will attack: 40% - Suspect will flee: 25% - Suspect will surrender: 35% Random Weapons for the Suspect - Pistol - Combat Pistol - Combat PDW - Carbine Rifle - Assault Rifle More updates to come, I'm open to any suggestion on my Discord.

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