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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Los Santos International Airport Authority Livery Pack | Made by:@LSPDFR Pics Installation Path: Replace the.ytd files with the ones provided in this download, regardless if you did addon or replace. -------------------------------------------- Credits: IF I MISS ANY OR CREDIT SOMETHING WRONG PLEASE MESSAGE ME Code3 Pack: Ripple Liveries: LSPDFR Pics --------------------------------------------- Known Issues: IF THERE ARE ANY ISSUES YOU FIND FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME N/A --------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: DO NOT distribute this co
  2. Version 1.0


    Released: 4/14/2021 Join my discord to keep up to date with my content and get exclusive releases! http://discord.gg/ynJUUwxgHP Showcase: Images: https://imgur.com/gallery/oOrfkyL Versions Included: Red & Blue Blue & Blue Blue & White Red & Red Red & Amber Red & White All Amber Civilian
  3. Version 1.1.2


    ## Works great with FivePD! ## ## NEW : Animation Menu ! ## AIBackup for FiveM-FivePD **PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IN THE README BEFORE USING IT ** Full instructions on GitHub : https://github.com/AxNaash/AIBackup-FiveM-FivePD- Thanks to Mooreiche for uploading the original mod & allowing modification ! **New !** Driver / Passenger : controllable separately now for Following and Animation ! Animation Menu : You can select animations for backup units if on foot. Animations List : Cop Traffic (Beacon), Cop Idle, Lookout, Kneel, G
  4. Version 2.5


    I decided to share my StreamDeck profile. I understand that not everyone has access to one, or wants one. This actually gives more realism. Simulates sitting in a patrol car controlling the light panel. So what does it do? Well it allows you to control your lights and sirens via Lux Vehicle Controller. (my keybinds could be different than yours adjust if you need to) Honks your horn Toggles all FivePD menus(Including Able Gaming's Interaction Menu) Sets Cruise Control Lets you set either Mimic, Follow or Marker to safely move your traffic stop
  5. Version 1.0.0


    it includes textures for 18charger 18tahoe 16fpis 16fpiu 14fpiu 16ram Kanes 18 Tahoe Model And Kanes 16Fpiu Models Matts 18charger models And GMS Taurus If You Would Like To See More Of My Work Join My Discord https://discord.gg/kVNUWHRrxM
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a 2011 Dodge Charger I made!! Features: Extra 1 - Whelen Liberty Lightbar Fully customizable for your pleasure ------------------------------------------------------------ Join the discord to get access to the template and to buy the unlocked model. https://discord.gg/pzUauxzeFc
  7. Version 1.0.0


    JPC Vest For Tac Meds, Fed Meds, Police Swat, and Patrol. For future Releases Join my discord at https://discord.gg/zNHEAT6JrG Also in the file there are 4 more texture 1 black, 1 green, 1 multicam, and 1 Tan
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Hamilton County Sheriff's Office EUP package made by steelzz#0911 If you need help with anything to do with this EUP package, Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/taxuqyNEQv Model credits all go to Peyton#0003
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This mod adds all police stations, county sheriff offices, highway patrol, and the 3 federal agencies to your cad. When you install this, it will replace your current departments and is intended for first time server set up to save you the time it would normally take to create departments. Adds a total of 18 departments to CAD 9 Los Santos Police Department Mission Row Davis Sheriff Vinewood La Mesa Paletto Bay Vespucci Rockford Hills Vespucci Beach Del Perro 3 County Sheriffs Sandy Shores Los Santos County Sheriffs Blaine County Sheriff Offic
  10. Version 1.0.1


    My Discord:https://discord.gg/KQK5VGp This is my first ever free release and I am very happy to be releasing it. I put a lot of effort into this car and I think it turned out great. Please download it and have fun. Almost all lights are extras and it has the ability to be marked, slick top and unmarked. Contact me at Nick_#1381
  11. Version 1.0.1


    Well I as someone who sees LAPD cars IRL on occasion, I wanted to make my favorite of them all! So today I bring you my LAPD 2011 CVPI. I was gonna add spotlights, but the file corrupted -_- So well, if this does ok, I will continue the pack. Also join my Discord: https://discord.gg/WVw9FUwr5t
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hello Every One I Wanted to create this car for fun i hope yall enjoy this car that I made for fun thanks! Btw This is a template I recommend this car for this template: https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclemodels/23251-2015-chevy-tahoe-ppv-non-els-fivem-ready/ If you want mods like this join my discord here : https://discord.gg/NmQ7NdrTTY All Credits to Dynamic Mods for making the car model DO NOT CLAIM THIS TEXTURE AS YOUR OWN Thanks!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, and welcome to my download! As you can see, this pack is a FiveM Ready editable community logo design. A few months ago, I made this logo design for a project I took part in. As of late, the project no longer has authorization to use my logo designs, therefore I am going to use them for my own personal gain. I hope you enjoy them, and use them for your upcoming FiveM servers! Other than that, I hope you all have a good day!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Lspd patch Give credits when you use
  15. Version 1.0.0


    JOIN DISCORD !!!!!!! - https://discord.gg/vKWA8jk
  16. Based off of Tucson Airport Authority
  17. So before you say it doesn't work, ive played on 6 servers using the same coded(unmodified) ELS+ and I wanted to know if anyone experienced ELS vehicles not using lights(ai) and if anyone knows of a fix. Day 5 as of this post trying to solve.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    This Mod replaces the stock GTA 5 Radio, Map, and Weapon icons with colored variants of them. There are 3 versions of the mod in the download folder. - Stock Weapons. This version has all the stock GTA 5 weapons but a colored version. - Real Weapons. This version has a realistic Taser Icon based off the x26, a Colt M4A1 replacing the Carbine Rifle, a Glock 17 Icon Replacing the Combat Pistol, and a ASP Baton Icon replacing the stock baton. - Real Weapons w/ Taser Shotgun. This version has all the same replacement icons as the Real Weapons, plus a Yellow Shotgu
  19. Version 1.0.0


    [DEV] Tractor Tire CREDIT ZOMBIE JACK CUSTOMS! Discord : https://discord.gg/xfpnfxvmPA truck is not included!
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Join my discord - https://discord.gg/8ZrrnHF Mini Hoodie Pack: What Does it include? 9 textures 1 - X( Face 2 - YOU GOT GAPPED 3 - GTR Picture 4 - FNF Picture 5 - Tape Offwhite 6 - Stoned Spongebob 7 - OK BOOMER 8 - SUPREME 9 - ASTROWORLD Civ Clothing: What Does it include? 5 Hoodies 3 T-Shirts 2- Hats Numbers: Mini Hoodie Pack- vMenu - #7 Lambda - #6
  21. Version 1.0


    "Welcome dear friends..." To my first official release of a Vehicle Model! Yup, I did it, I started Zmodeler work... I've put together a few parts I haven't seen in combination in any public releases so I decided to make one myself. Sadly I am not any good with working Lights right this moment, so satisfy yourselves with knowing I'm working on it and this is the results so far, a working Civilian work truck. What purpose it has for you no clue! But serve it well this model shall. -- Features List: -- !). Full Collisions for Model !). Templated !!). Please note that in order
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Hey'o! This is a Blaine County Police Department EUP package that is FiveM ready. Join my Discord to stay tuned for updates and new releases! We also do commissions. You can view a preview of this package here!
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Dui checkpoint please Look at the read me file for location and other things **Update Ai does Stop at the arms But make sure u are their to open it if breaks you can leave the area to repair the arms ** Made by my self this is my first trail im make more as well interior's follow more in the discord
  24. Version 1.0


    I am sick and tired of watching roleplay videos at this HQ and having people either run over the toll gates or crash into the stupid fence that doesn't open automatically, so please enjoy these simple edits of the facility to remove some of the following; - Removing main toll gates for fast access/response, - Removing excess concrete barriers/dividers, - Removing primary gate (the one everyone has to crash into to open), - Removing secondary gate (the other one you have to crash into to open in the back) If you like this and want to see upcoming prev

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