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  1. Version 1.4.3


    [NOTICE FROM THE DEVELOPER] Hello, I'm back. Yeah, I know it's been a while. If you haven't seen in my other callout packs, I lost all of my working data for FivePD related code, and as such I've had to recreate a lot of this from scratch, or with limited access to older builds. At this time, I've reintroduced Homicide and Overdose into the mix, and intend to update 911 Hang-up and Shoplifting at a later time. The latter were total losses as far as I'm concerned, but I will rebuild them eventually. As I do, I have several smaller releases I'll be dumping over the coming weeks as I find mo
  2. Version 1.1.1


    [NOTICE FROM THE DEVELOPER] As of v1.1.0, I had to recreate most of this callout from scratch due to file loss over my winter break. As a result, this pack update only brings the Bank Robbery callout up to being compatible with the latest FivePD version. The Shop Robbery side of this will return at some undisclosed point in the future. I do not have as much free time as I once had for this as work has picked up significantly since the pandemic has "stabilized", if you will. The older version of this callout pack will remain available but does not work with any of the recent versions of F
  3. Version 1.0.3


    Make sure you fully restart your server if you are updating to v1.0.1 from v1.0.0, as the relationships between pedestrians needs to be cleared to help rectify a major bug Compatible with FivePD versions 1.1.4+! This modification adds an additional gang warfare callout for the FivePD FiveM resource. The callout involves two parties of gang members in mid-combat with varying gang sizes for each callout. I've also added a few small details such as an ambient vehicle that will spawn in the middle of the gunfight to act as a sort of "mid point". I've curated the
  4. Hello everyone. So I have ran into an issue with FivePD that I am not sure what is going on where the 911 are dispatched but, when you accept the call, the blimp will populate on the map and then in the top left corner, you just get a pinwheel on the 911 call information and then it never routes you to the call or gives you call information and disappears. I have tried a fresh install of FivePD, I have tried reinstalling the mysql database, I have even tried re-creating the entire server and we are still having this issue. We are running on the latest Cfx build and getting no err
  5. Version 1.0.2


    This is a collection of callouts, updated or created after a brief hiatus, I cannot guarantee the stability of calls in my old pack. This pack features the following calls: Fare Evader This spawns as various 'transit locations' around the city. Namely subways and metro stations. You must attend and investigate a fare evasion. There are multiple outcomes to this call. Drunk Transit Passenger This spawns as various 'transit locations' around the city. Namely subways and metro stations. You must attend to a report of a drunk transit passenger causing
  6. Version 2.5


    This modification adds an additional street race call out for the FivePD FiveM resource. I've so far managed to implement a few nice features to prevent the call from being identical at every time it flags up. For example, there are random vehicle models that spawn for the street race, as well as a smple checkpoint randomization algorithm. This means that hopefully you'll see some variety in the route of each street race, and I'll hopefully keep working on it to improve this over time! Currently as it stands, a configurable amount of suspect vehicles (default values ar
  7. Version 1.0.9


    Welcome to the Group Callouts page! (FivePD Exclusive) Descriptions This callout pack includes the following: - Group Fight (10 unarmed people fighting each other) - Group Gun Fight (4 armed people fighting each other) - Group Attack (3 armed people chasing and attacking 1 unarmed civilian) Images (Group Fight) (Group Attack) (Group Gun Fight) - Note: Suspects are now spread out more and do not spawn together. Updated screenshot coming. Video Showcase Coming soon on the BGHDDevelopment channel
  8. Version 1.0.4


    Callouts Stab victim Suspect with machete Drunk and disordely ANPR Hit Moped Crime Stolen Vehicle Shoplifting Public Indecency Possible Overdose How to install: Drag the "BritishCallouts" folder into FivePD/Callouts/ in your resources folder! Support: For support please join my Discord Server and submit a support ticket. https://discord.gg/WXFsXBv
  9. Hello ! I have a small problem with the config.json file for the callouts more particularly on the "Department" parameter. I downloaded callouts on gtapolicemods (I have downloaded Fire & Rescue Callouts 1.2.2). I created a "FireCallouts" folder in the "Callouts" folder of FivePD I put the callout dll file. Then I put the config.json file here is the code of the file: { "PedestrianStruck":{ "IgnoreDistance":false, "MinTimeout":0, "Probability":1, "Departments":4 }, "LargeStructureFire":{ "IgnoreDistance":false, "MinTimeout"
  10. I’m having this weird problem. The callout menu is not opening. Every other feature works. Every other menu opens just fine, my computer opens in the cruiser. The only error in my console is the “Uncaught TypeError: Invalid attempt to spread non-iterable instance (@fivepd/computer/bundle.js:61)
  11. Hello all! Some times calls will not go away in the MDT after the callout goes out and gets ignored. It will also sometimes not go away. Calls also never go into the "completed" tab in there. Is this a bug or am I missing a feature that I was never aware of?
  12. Hello I am having an issue with callouts where they will not properly start and in the F8 log it states "An error has occurred: No callout could be loaded". I am on FivePD - 1.1.4, FiveM - .2430. I have verified that the callouts used are all for 1.1+. I have tried to use this Fix but that also had the same result. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Version 1.0.3


    NEW LOCATIONS ADDED! Car Carrier Pursuit About This callout involves you responding to a person stealing a car carrier. It is up to you to stop the suspect before they bring it back to their base. Locations Premium Deluxe Motorsport's (Los Santos) Larry's RV Sales (Sandy Shores) Possible Flee Locations Bayview Lodge (Paleto Forest) Mirror Park Los Santos Docks Lost Hideout BUG REPORTS/FEATURE REQUEST/OPEN SOURCE INFORMATION This call out is open source! See here If there are
  14. Version 1.3.0


    [NOTICE FROM THE DEVELOPER] Hello, I am no longer providing support or updates for any of my call-outs, or call-out packs. I've moved from Windows to Linux recently and seeing as FiveM has no compatibility with Linux, I have no reason to continue working on these until further notice. If they no longer work as FivePD updates, then they no longer work. SCENARIOS [NEW] Silent Alarm - On-Time Arrival A silent alarm has been triggered at the Vangelico Jewelry store, and nearby witnesses say the suspects are still inside. They're armed, dangerous, and holding hostages.
  15. Version 2.1.0


    SCENARIOS Escaped on Foot Dispatch is reporting a transport vehicle has diverted its course and has been stationary for several minutes with no radio communications reaching them. Respond code 3. One AI may be aggressive, or flee. All other AI will either flee or surrender. No laser aim. The AI accuracy has been adjusted to match the same standard Rockstar Games uses in the singleplayer campaign. Now featuring a new method that corrects wonky issues demonstrated in the original version of the callout. Suspects will stop fleeing if they have been
  16. Version 0.0.3


    Thanks for checking out my Callout and hope you enjoy! This Callout starts with dispatch reporting about someone being suspicious at a given location. You are not sure if the call is serious or not. It may be a routine stop or you may be in danger, who knows! Features: Multiple Outcomes (4 options for suspect) - 25% chance to Attack - 25% chance to Flee - 25% chance to Comply - 25% chance to Flee then Attack Random Weapon Choice (5 choices) - Pump Shotgun, Pisto
  17. It may just be me but I followed a video tutorial to setup my FivePD server yet when I added the actual FivePD to the server files (latest FivePD version with hotfix) I added some callouts as well and none of them seam to be working in game at all, I have been in the server for hours on duty and the only thing I can do is a traffic stop on a vehicle and then half the time that becomes a vehicle chase. I just need some help trying to figure out why my callouts are not working and just for the record the callouts that come with FivePD by default dont even look like they work. Edit: S
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Homeless Disturbance IMPORTANT NOTE For the record, I am a PHP developer (in particular with the Laravel framework), I am not a professional C# developer, what's shown inside this repository is me learning C#. Bear with me as I go with this and learning, positive critisism is welcome. That being said, I am a firefighter in real life with enough scenario's in my head to process for FivePD, which I am trying to illustrate here. This will add a new callout to your FivePD server with homeless people causing a disturbance. It will spawn around 3 to 6 homeless people with dif
  19. Version 1.0.1


    Now compatible with FivePD 1.1 Kidnapping Raid Locations Franklin's house on Forum Dr. Features Raid a house with an unknown amount of suspect to save a person that was kidnapped. Other Information If there are any bugs or if you have any feedback, feel free to message me on the forums. I hope you enjoy! This callout is still under development and more features will be added soon.
  20. Version 1.0.3


    I WILL NOT BE UPDATING THIS CALLOUT. This is a callout for a suicidal person. Get to the scene and investigate what is going on with the subject. 2 LOCATIONS: Sandy Shores and Los Santos I am still new to scripting and callout development so any feedback is appreciated
  21. Version 1.1.1


    I will post updates on my Discord so if you are intrested the newest updates join my Discord: https://discord.gg/DaDJbHX Officer Down Callout (Medium chance) When you arrive on scene you will have an officer on the ground, and an armed suspect who will either surrender, flee or fight back. Chances on arrival - Suspect will attack: 40% - Suspect will flee: 25% - Suspect will surrender: 35% Random Weapons for the Suspect - Pistol - Combat Pistol - Combat PDW - Carbine Rifle - Assault Rifle More updates t
  22. Version 1.0.0


    This callout adds a " Bar Fight " to the game , I plan on adding more bars but Yellow Jacket is the only one for now, Tested on 1.05.2 - the peds are random so it may be male vs male , female vs female , female vs male - v1 - [deprecated]
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This callout adds a scenario where two Lost MC members open fire on two Azteca members at the yellow jacket, - join my discord for more info on it or update announcements (link in readme.txt) - v1 ( call occurs at yellow jacker in sandy shores ) 50-50 chance of them fleeing or surrendering - [deprecated]
  24. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple callout ( my first ) which adds a " Weed Smoker " call to FivePD, - join my discord for more info on it or update announcements (link in readme.txt) - v1 ( call occurs at motel in sandy shores ) 50-50 chance of him fleeing or surrendering - [deprecated]
  25. Version 1.0.1


    I will post updates on my Discord so if you are intrested the newest updates join my Discord: https://discord.gg/DaDJbHX Possible LEO Impersonator Callout (Low chance) When you arrive on scene you will have the Caller and a Suspect on site, you will have a little chat with the officer and determine if his ID is valid or not. Be advised, because the Possible Impoersonator is armed! Chances after questioning If his license is valid: - You tell the Caller to let the officer do his job. If his license is invalid: - Suspect will attack you: 60%

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