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  1. Community Team (Global Moderator)

    About   Being part of the GPM Community Team allows you to make a positive impact across the GPM platform. It's your responsibility to help all members with any moderation problems that may arise. With almost 70,000 total registered users, we are looking for the best of the best to join our team to make a positive impact. Your main overall goal is to moderate the community and perform your staff duties. The Community Team volunteer their time to help keep the peace within the community.
    Expectations & Requirements   As a Community Team Member of GPM, you are expected to:
    Enforce the GPM Community Guidelines Attend staff team meetings on Discord (mic is required) Positive attitude and willing to work as a team to better help the community Active within the GPM Community Interact within the GPM Community (site and discord) Deal with moderation issues (reports, warnings, bans, etc.) Act professional and mature Be able to problem-solve issues on the spot quickly Knowledge of GTA is a must Follow our Staff SOP (aka: staff guidelines) Have a good overall reputation within the GTA Modding community Must not have any active warning points or moderation actions towards your account within one year  
    Application Tips   Be creative and put effort into your application, show that you want this opportunity. We do not exactly require an "application template" as we want to see your overall creativeness while making your application. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by clicking here.
    Notice   All applicants that make it past the pre-screening round will be contacted via the PM system and asked to do an interview with one or several of our staff members, which will take place on our Discord Server. Depending on your interview, you will have a final interview with the Community Director (@Ray). Please understand that we will reach out to you only if we find your application of interest towards this opening. We will not always message those who are denied or do not make it past certain rounds,  
    Thank you for your interest in joining the GPM Community Team.

    Position: Community Team

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 10


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