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  1. Hi @DrewHullmann, You will need to download FiveM which opens a whole new world to Roleplaying, Freemode and even FivePD Servers. It offers many places where you can roleplay with the GTA V RP Community. One of these can even be OCRP which is Jeff Favignano's Community. All you gotta do is just Download FiveM, Run it and once its setup it opens it all up to you!
  2. Welcome man! Glad to see you in the community and I look forward to seeing more of you. I think you'll love it here, despite the tick on my name this community is great place for starting RP on GTA:V and getting into Police Roleplay (Compared to your IRL experience).
  3. Is there no way you can make it so Fires can last longer via a resource or code that makes it so fires have to manually put out but don't spread to stupid lengths?
  4. @DomeboTrentin2008There is most likely a billion plugins for FivePD to do this, I would recommend taking a look in FivePD Downloads Area
  5. Seems like an interesting idea, only thing is there is no actual "Hwy" police station so some communities may not want this to be the case. Having a config which can be edited to change these types of spawns etc. would really make it better.
  6. Great idea honestly. Would love to see it in action although we have to wait and see. Thanks for your contribution!
  7. From what @Alex W.said via Discord was that the Tutorial Menu was removed in v1.5 due to people not liking the feature. Would it be possible to make it a toggle via the settings so places like public servers can have it enabled if they wish but whitelisted servers can also disable it. It would allow an easy place for people to learn their way around as well since some people struggle learning new things.
  8. This looks amazing, your skills have improved since the last we have talked and I am glad you are still doing great stuff!
  9. Alfie is thinking about using the new feature of Callout Configs to turn off certain callouts
  10. TITLE: MDT Opening Bug What FivePD version? V1.0.5.2 What issue are you experiencing? Not being able to open the MDT in an emergency vehicle pack (only that pack) Please explain in detail what you're doing for this to occur Pressing B (Can confirm it is my keybind as I am not the only one with this issue Attach here a screenshot of your console (F8) The console shows nothing If you have any, please provide video, picture, or GIF of the error you are experiencing: ------- FOR SERVER OWNERS ONLY (FILL THIS OUT IF YOU'RE A SERVER OWNER / DEVELOPER) ------- What OS (Operating System) are you using (Ex. Linux, Windows)? Windows Server 2012 R2 (Modern Solutions) What version of FiveM are you using? Unknown. Are you using any other server side/client side mods? If so please list: BCSO pack vMenu ENB
  11. There needs to be a way in the future, I like my own stuff xD

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