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  1. I fixed it by removing these 3 callouts from my game
  2. did you add the controller fix to your resource.lua?
  3. I'm gonna try remove the controller fix too then
  4. The MDT doesn't work for any vehicle in either but both worked before this update and work as emergency vehicles
  5. Yes a pack for New York State Police (Addon) and a pack for the NYPD (Replace)
  6. I have multiple vehicle resources if that is what you mean
  7. Definitely, they worked before with all other versions too
  8. Can open my police computer I hit "B" and nothing happens, in replace and addon vehicles with no errors
  9. Solved by someone on discord, I moved the folder to separate folders from each other
  10. I have just found something in my f8 console not in my cmd one
  11. Installed 1.0.4 earlier and it wouldn't work, waited on the solution, tried it and still didn't work, every other version of the plugin has worked fine on my server and i only updated the things it told me too yet I cannot find any errors or anything it loads and sets all the values to default then nothing happens in game.
  12. Ah okay, Could've sworn I seen it in the original version in the calloutmanager resource but I may be wrong
  13. Title says it all really, What config file contains the value that defines the max amount you can cite a person for?

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