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  1. ya, idk either. I even created an entirely fresh server separate from my main server and installed it again and it had the same issue.
  2. I have neither of those on the server
  3. not sure what either of those are so probably not
  4. nothing happens in the console when I press any of the keys for fivepd. Such as F11
  5. Sorry for the late response went on vacation. I have a hand full of scripts and what not running but I had already tried that and even with all the resources unloaded FivePD still didn't work properly
  6. That seems to be the only thing in the console. I an getting no errors at all. the menus and stuff still don't seem to be working
  7. I did a complete reinstall following the video exactly and was looking through the F8 menu and found this error
  8. Other than that there are no red errors within either console. I'm not sure what all the menus are linked to, whether it be the database or the resource itself but there is definitely something stopping the mod from working Another thing that I have tried is in the starter console typing refresh and then start calloutmanager. this then gives me callouts but there are still no menus except for the backup menu
  9. Replacing seemed to correct the first error but a new one is popping up in the F8 console now
  10. It does not look like there are any errors to me but idk what to look for exactly [Update] I have looked over all of the .json files and have found nothing wrong such as duplicates
  11. When I join the server it shows the loading screen but nothing happens when I join the game. I have tried to reinstall FivePD twice and nothing has changed. As far as I am aware I installed it correctly both using the installation video in the README and the written guide. The console also says that everything loaded as well as connected to the database. Not sure what is wrong if someone knows how to fix this that would be great.

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