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  1. What Ports does FivePD need to be open?
  2. Im getting this error. An error has occured: Internet connection is required to play FivePD. Either our server is unreachable or you are not connected to the internet. Please try again later. FivePD runs on my root server which has a internet connection. FivePD was always running without any problems. The Server runs on version 2967. I downgraded it to 2907 which didnt help. Does anyone have a idea on how to fix it?
  3. Hm, 100 users is reached pretty fast ?
  4. Is there a way to increase the maximum amount of users in a department. At the moment it is 100 as maximum can I set it to unlimited?
  5. Nothing special they seem to come randomly. Its hard to say with a full server.
  6. Sometimes, my FivePD takes a long time in the resource ticks. Do you know what that could be?
  7. Can we now update our server version, because in the first release of FivePD we had to use a specific fiveM version?
  8. Yes, Sir i´m gonna try it now with a fresh restart.
  9. The fire arent synced at all. Only the guys who accepts them sees them.
  10. I added a vehicle package to my server which included a bike. I added all the cars and the bike to the vehicles.json. Everything works fine exept for the bike. I cant pullover people and I cant open the Computer.
  11. I have the same issue how did you fix it??

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