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  1. Hey man there is a screen shot above
  2. Like do you know if in 1.0.4 if it is still b to open the menu?
  3. yes i can go on duty and all the menus work
  4. Now when i go to push b to pull up the cad nothing happens
  5. i just installed the new fivepd.sql and im going to try that and cams idea
  6. Im on zap hosting so i dont know where to get that
  7. Says could not create dept, unexpected error has happened
  8. So that works now but when i go to create a department it says error could not create dept
  9. Now that works now it says could not create department
  10. I just tried this now I am currently launching five m BTW thanks for the great tutorial
  11. Yes but i actually copied and pasted the thing in admin and typed it in the box

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