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  1. I'm using a double call out with fivepd and I'm having that problem.
  2. I mean there's a problem, it spawns in the wrong place, it pops up at the same place, every Sheriff's function, every call out is like that. Why don't we have any solution? Good games like this have to be played with problems all the time.
  3. Can you do it? I want to turn off the system to press the G in Fivepd because I'm afraid the players in the server can press and cause a crash. Please allow me to ask the admin.
  4. have inquire about visualsettings.dat for fivem server? If so, is there a download link? Thank you.
  5. Hi, I'm a newbie here. Please suggest which backup to use. Currently, fivepd1.5.1 doctors, nurses, forklifts do not perform their duties. Is there any solution, thanks
  6. Excuse me for the language I mean the things mentioned by you. I want to fix it ASAP, thank you.
  7. If we want to disable other players from using some items in Vmenu, where to configure and how? Thank you.
  8. อังกฤษ S̄āmārt̄h kæ̂k̄hị h̄rụ̄x chı̂ plạ́kxin xarị thæn dị̂ h̄ịm t̄ĥā mī k̄hx lîngkh̒ læa wiṭhī lng wiṭhī chı̂ h̄ǹxy khrạb k̄hxbkhuṇ th̀ān s̄māchik xỳāng s̄ūng Can I edit it or use a plugin instead? If there is a link and a way to use it, please. Thank you very much members
  9. Where can I contact the troubleshooting team?

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