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  1. Yep that was the issue. For some random reason a whole other fivepd directory was in my plugins folder. That and the fact that some callouts were not v1.1+ compatible. Thanks for the help tho. For other people who are having the same issue just delete all your callouts and reinstall them/make sure they are able to run on the correct version and check your plugins folder to see if anything is in there.
  2. I believe I found them on GPM but I'll take them out just incase. I'll go check and see if Arrest Warrant has been updated, I went and took out all the callouts already and they seemed to all work just like they did before.
  3. Here is my FivePD folder and my Callouts folder.
  4. Yes, I'm running on fivepd 1.1.4. The errors in the console are shown in the SCs and I'm 90% sure that the callouts are compatible with the latest version but I'll check to make sure. For the errors they all say "Could not load______" For all the callouts and for the MTD as well
  5. When load into fivepd and go on duty I do not receive callouts and and the Z menu doesn't open up and the MDT doesn't open up as well. I uninstalled a callout and it worked but then broke again randomly without me putting anything new on. There are multiple forums on this and people always ask the same questions back and I'm going to answer them. YES I am on duty. YES I am in a department. NO there is not another trainer or menu on the Z or B keys. NO the vehicles have nothing to do with it they've worked multiple times up until recently. NO they keys aren't rebinded to something else. I have not imported a new SQL file. It connects the the database but doesnt work in game. It fully loads in the F8 Console when joining but then the callouts + the debug menu and MDT have been unloaded for some reason. Help would be appreciated.
  6. You use the same cars and peds as me, the only difference is that the skins on the cars are different
  7. Is there a fix for the v1.0.4 issue?
  8. Thanks man got it to work.
  9. In the phpMyAdmin database?
  10. When I click X to open the computer I just get stuck on a screen that says FivePD computer system and I cant do anything else when i'm in there.

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