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  1. here is a better link, the otherone is to slow
  3. well i dont have any problems right now.
  4. thats what i also did, but it still get the error, i also changed the config.json data in the "calloutmanager" folder with the database
  5. as i already send in the post above i did that exactly. But at least i just got a config.json only in the calloutmanager and not in the FivePD folder
  6. well, for me it just tells me that and i just install it like the tutorial on ZAP. "[ FivePD ] An error has occured: Could not connect to the database Instantiated instance of script CalloutManagerServer.Bundler. Instantiated instance of script CalloutManagerServer.ServerConfig. Started resource calloutmanager Stopping resource sessionmanager Creating script environments for sessionmanager Started resource sessionmanager Authenticating server license key... Server license key authentication succeeded. Welcome! cfx> Sending heartbeat to [ FivePD ] Unloading FivePD...
  7. "database": { "username": "zap60807-5", "password": "1JwxQ35wFikB8ojp", "host": "", "port": 30274, "database": "zap60807-5" }, "callouts": { "MinimumTimeBeforeCall": 180, "MaximumTimeBeforeCall": 300, "CalloutExpirationTime": 30, "CalloutChance": 50 }, "registration": { "MinimumUsernameLength": 2, "MaximumUsernameLength": 50, "MinimumPasswordLength": 6, "MaximumPasswordLength": 100, "MinimumCallsignLength": 1, "MaximumCallsignLength": 15, "ManualAccountActivationRequired": false }, "xp": { "TRAFFIC_STOP": 250, "CALL_COMPLETED": 250, "BACKUP_ACCEPTED": 500, "CASE_COMPLETED": 500, "REPORT_COMPLETED": 250, "ARREST_COMPLETED": 250, "AMBULANCE_CALLED": 150, "FIRE_CALLED": 150, "TOW_CALLED": 150 }, "EncryptionKey": "&Eg5nGYfIZjvz422KvSxU*YuB=;d@d", "HashSalt": "^Os!x", "license": "testKey" }
  8. okay, i installed it now again for 2 times like the description. But it still doesnt work. And yea, i also installed the calloutmanager
  9. well i did this, i also got the loading screen, at least whats with "calloutmanager"? Maybe it cause the problems? But i dont think so
  10. i also have the problems with zap hosting. I am just spawning in freeroam and i did it exactly like the guide

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