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  1. Just a heads up, apparently this bug has been fixed in the upcoming 1.0.5.
  2. This was a bug with previous versions of FivePD. Update to the latest version of FivePD for a fix.
  3. Also, if you have a custom loading screen, you can just load that resource after FivePD and that will be the one clients see when joining.
  4. It's not a question of the vehicle itself not having files. It's a question of how FivePD determines which vehicles receive MDT. Update: Put an addon vehicle to use the handlingID of a gauntlet (keeping the class and flags of the addon inheriting from FBI2) and the MDT still works! ? HandlingID does not determine MDT capability.
  5. I would assume it would be based off emergency class too, but Natixco said "only police cars" and to make sure the handlingID was a police vehicle so I was a bit confused and thought they were giving MDT only to the defaults ex. "SHERIFF", "POLICE2", etc. I guess I should just stop being lazy and put in a custom handling line I've been meaning too and test it myself!
  6. Does this mean addon vehicles that use a custom handling line won't be able to to use the MDT? If so, would it be possible for FivePD devs to instead determine MDT capability for a vehicle by its flags instead? For example the "FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT" flag would be relevant.
  7. This isn't really a FivePD question, but yes you can. The server can stream a visualsettings.dat to clients if you want. Here's a relevant thread from forums:
  8. Yeah it was being a bit finicky for one of my guys too. I eventually told him to hold shift until it canceled and took almost 30 seconds.
  9. Version: 1.0.3 Note for traffic stops: If you arrest the driver or tow away the vehicle, the traffic stop won't be canceled! You need to cancel it every time! Hold left shift for as long as it takes for the cancel notification to appear. Sometimes it takes a little while.
  10. You just submit the citation and it gets stored in records. There is no actually 'handing' it to the AI.
  11. It's just a note message and not really an error. I get the same thing on database import and everything has been fine here.
  12. Havok


    calloutmanager is included as part of the FivePD resource now. Follow the steps here for "How can I update the mod from v1.0?"
  13. Here's a fully server-side port of ELS. Been using it for a while. It's not perfect but works well enough.

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