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  1. EdgeGamers Organization | Punk Free Gaming Since 2006 About Us EdgeGamers Organization, or eGO for short, is a worldwide gaming community set out to provide a punk-free gaming experience to all gamers. Through efforts of maturity, fair play and a competitive experience for all, EdgeGamers seeks to provide a single place where gamers can come together and game safely without the worry or influence of the outside world. EdgeGamers was founded on July 1st, 2006 with just a small forum and a single Day of Defeat: Source Avalanche server. To date, EdgeGamers is thriving thanks to the guidance of our Community Managers, but mainly because of the dedicated work of Managers, Sr. Managers, and Administrators, who have volunteered their time to lead EdgeGamers. With their dedication, the community has expanded to 10 games and over 90,000 registered users. Why We Exist Provide a punk-free gaming experience to gamers worldwide. What We Commit To Drive an emphasis on maturity, fair play, helping others. Having a fun and competitive gaming experience that all can enjoy. What We Want To Accomplish Connect and bring gamers of all calibers from around the world together. For the last five years, EdgeGamers has had a FiveM server to provide a serious roleplay environment that is welcoming to all players, of all roleplaying calibers. Whether you’re a seasoned roleplay veteran or needing to learn the ropes, our server and our community members will help you become immersed in our servers environment while developing lasting friendships. Our servers development is driven by the feedback of it's players. While a staff team has been assigned to oversee the progress of the server, venues like weekly community roleplay meetings, feedback surveys, and community votes drive server direction. If you're seeking a place where your voice truly matters and can make a difference, you've found your place. SIGN UP FOR WHITELIST ON OUR DISCORD https://discord.com/edgegamersgta Visit #how-to-join, type %apply to fill out the whitelist form. EdgeGamers Forums https://www.edgegamers.com/ EdgeGamers Discord https://discord.com/edgegamersgta Features General Features Clean, customizable user interfaces Support for multiple characters Clean inventory script with vehicle inventories Radial menu for server functions, less chat commands Police/Mechanic Vehicle Impound Player owned convenience stores, gas stations, gun stores Mechanic script with custom vehicle damage Arcade with multiplayer minigames Functioning Pool Tables "Trucking Simulator" Job Player owned dealerships & custom vehicles Fishing, Garbage, Bus Driving, Fast Food, Delivery Jobs Weapon and Item Crafting House & Money Truck Robberies Car Robberies Drug Heists & Drug Selling *NEW* Functional Diamond Casino w/ Gambling EMS & FIRE Pillbox Medical MLO (Gabz) Custom in house EUP uniform & vehicle designs Injury & Skeletal System Law Enforcement & DOJ Mission Row PD MLO (Gabz) Custom in house EUP uniform & vehicle designs Custom PD weapons Evidence system for investigations Database driven MDT Police K9 Script Dedicated command staff members of 5+ years Prison Interior & Department of Corrections Courthouse & Functional DOJ System Whitelisted Job Information Law Enforcement All Law Enforcement Departments are run and managed by roleplayers who have been roleplaying Law Enforcement for over 6 years and playing within the EdgeGamers server for all four and a half years of it’s life. With comprehensive standard operating procedures and law guidelines, both police and civilians are provided with a serious, developed and immersive Law Enforcement experience. San Andreas State Police Los Santos Police Department Blaine County Sheriffs Office Department of Corrections EMS & Fire Staff EMS & Fire staff are run and maintained by roleplayers who have professional experience in emergency fields. A high caliber response to medical and fire needs will be provided creates an immersive experience. San Andreas Fire & Rescue Pillbox EMS Additional Jobs Lawyers & Public Defenders Judges District Attorney’s Office District Attorney’s Investigators Sunrise Auto Dealer Premium Deluxe Motorsports Auto Exotics Repair Screenshots

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