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  1. Just confirm this is a known bug and a fix will come?
  2. @NorthCam18 No - We are using 1.0.4 We are experiencing the same issue 1.0.0 had, in which you cannot interact with peds using the X menu This issue has not been brought back in 1.0.4, it worked perfectly in
  3. Hello, Our server is experiencing the same issues at 1.0.0 where the X menu opens, but we cannot cuff, search etc, only "follow me" This was the same problem as previous updates which was quickly fixed, I am sure it is the same as before Thanks
  4. Our players had this issue but we have found it works 100% of the time with using a 0 eg. 01/01/20, doesnt 1/1/20, works
  5. Ive looked further into this from my last comment If my friend is the only one stopping cars, using ped interaction etc and I just back him up, it works 100%. The first time I stop a car, it works 100%. (Ped interaction that is, traffic stops are fine) From there on, it seems to break once we have both used it once
  6. Myself and my group are also having issues with the ped interaction menu, when using weapons to stop or normal stops The only function which works is "follow me" function Cuffing has worked once

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