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  1. Does that apply at a traffic stop aswell @NotCamSlice? Pressing E then X?
  2. Been playing for an hour now, and after 15 min we are unable to get ID, breathalyzer, drug swab test. from peds in calls and normal stops. Anyone else having the same problem or have any tips.
  3. @NotCamSlice could you send me aswell, having exact same problem as Noah.
  4. Same here @Noah654 pretty sure its a smell fix, im kinda new to this databased systems.
  5. Then im unsure what else to do...
  6. Reinstalled everything, followed the video, seems find in console and everything. But still cant go on duty or any stations showing up
  7. Now it seems more likely to work right, but still, unable to get F11 menu up and no police station icons.
  8. Thats the config file in the calloutmanager right.
  9. @NickStevensGaming Would you mind sending the json file you've edited?
  10. May you explain how i do that? Name of the database i created after the tutorial is fivepd.
  11. Having a few issues in the console.
  12. This is what comes under what Logan J posted, followed the guide...

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