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  1. Oh ok Thanks again ?
  2. Yha but I dont want other players to be on police (only the stuff can be)
  3. No, I want that peoples that want to a cop will use the FivePD and peoples that want to be a paramedic will use other mod
  4. Hello how do I do that if I'm in police job I will use FivePD and if I'm not in police job I'm not using the FivePD mod
  5. So thank You for the help!!!!!! ?
  6. Oh so that is not my fault? and in the future the devs will fix?
  7. And how do I create a department and change the blue computer screen of the police car?
  8. Stil twice (twice the FivePD warnings)
  9. Ok it's working now and here is my log Log.pdf
  10. Well I can't open the server from the .bat file so I open the server from the FXserver.exe and I had the error and I created a folder named server-data with a copy of the server.cfg and its loading to me the modes twice
  11. and why the mods are loading to me twice?
  12. what are those warnings?
  13. yehaa that not going to work for me ? (FivePD 1.0.4)
  14. ahh no ho do i do that?

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