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  1. Thanks guys forgot that importing a new sql will get rid of the departments. Thanks
  2. Right ok now it works forgot that there used to be an overwrite on the GPM website off the all the police vehicles. Does the "z" button work anymore? Thats now the only thing ime having problems with. Thanks
  3. Everything else works except the Callout menu and the MDT. Upgraded from v1.0.6.1today and deleted the old sql as i know alot is has been added to the sql. Reinstalled everything and buttons dont work. Thanks
  4. I did some more testing yesterday and its not always those specific callouts. It can happen to any of the callouts. They randomise between fivepd version, so its not a specific callout that has 1.0.5 installed.
  5. Thanks ill try and reinstall all the callouts again.
  6. This is my spreadsheet of the ones that dont work and they are definitely latest version of the file and all above 1.0.5
  7. So Ive been doing a lot of looking into some issues Ive been having on my server recently. I wrote another Support topic about my my languages keep disappearing and then it breaks the "Z" and "B" MDT. So i thought lets go through my server and spreadsheet it all. I Calculated 68 Different Callouts should be available. When i first launched it said 68 but soon after then said 58. So i thought i miss read it. But on my spreadsheet im missing about 5 callouts. So i restarted my fivepd about 2 or 3 times and they have come back to (68 callouts) then restarted FivePD again and back to (58). My Callouts, languages, Callout menu and MDT have been playing up, they sometimes work, sometimes don't. Can anyone help. Thanks (Previous Support topic about languages)
  8. I’ve downloaded the latest release of FivePD (V1.0.6.1) I have added all the current languages and when I join my server it states N/A in the language option.This then stops the Z menu opening, and stops the computer also opening. In the server I can restart the resources I want, when I restart FivePD folder it then works, but sometimes have to do this 3 or more times for it to work. I have deleted my cache, I have 2 servers, on one it’s less temperamental than the other which hardly works at all. I have only had this issue since the latest update. I’ve uninstalled FivePD completely on the server it hardly works on and it still has issues. I’ve deleted the language files just to English still have the same issue. Any ideas. Thanks
  9. I believe this only works for 1.0.4 versions. I have tested this and this does not work on any 1.0.5 version of fivepd/api or any versions above.
  10. I would like to add my server to the GPM Server Browser.
  11. This is fixed!!! Basically at the moment do not install the Fighting And Gang Callouts as it makes the computer and z button not work! This can be closed.
  12. Yes but these cars have been working and are not an addon but replace vanilla vehicles and they have worked since fivepd started (V1.0.1)
  13. I was on V1.3.1 just before they released the update and the B button stopped working for everyone as in it would come up with the MDT mouse but not MDT screen and you had to disconnect. Thinking it was a new glitch or bug i have updated to V1.4.0 and it has killed it completely. The MDT does not work at all and the "Z" button for callouts does not work. Everything else as far as i know works. Didn't know or think that this is a known and current issue in both Versions. Thanks for your support and time.
  14. Just installing the new FivePD Version 1.0.1 and in the sql database i have 10 warnings is that known in the new update or is something wrong. Thanks

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