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  1. We are using FivePD to train real law enforcement officers and one of the things we are struggling to figure out, is how do we restrict access to the server? We are using VMenu, but can't find a way to prevent someone without proper credentials to login to the server. I realize this might be more of a FiveM question but after searching for "fivem restricting access", "fivem security", "fivePD security" we have had no luck and were hoping someone else has dealt with this and has guidance? Thank you in advance - apologies if this isn't the right forum for the question - feel free to delete/move as appropriate. John
  2. Would be cool to hear you guys talk about this evolution and the future on YouTube or a podcast...
  3. I was able to find the information using the SQL Script from Conways FivePD Departments downloads here on FivePD. Hopefully if others have this issue/question they can start by looking at this SQL Script and modify as needed.
  4. I am setting up Los Santos County Sheriff, San Andreas State Police, Los Santos PD and was hoping someone had suggested radius settings for the departments? I suspect someone else has this setup and would save a lot of trial and error if you could share your settings for the above or similar departments (Blaine County vs. Los Santos County). Truly appreciate the guidance in advane - thanks!
  5. We are building a new FivePD server that will be used to train actual police officers. The program will be offered for free to law enforcement. We are wondering if someone knows of really good uniforms for SASP, Los Santos County Sheriff, Los Santos PD? We are aware of EUP but given we are doing this for free, we are trying to minimze costs. If you know of good uniforms (Class A, Class B, Winter, Utility, Gang, SWAT) or instructions on how to install them, that would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have a consistent issue when using the Dispatch menu and requesting a resource (Fire, EMS, Tow, Coroner, etc.). What happens is that when I request something to be dispatched, the supporting unit spawns on top of the scene. For example, if there is a car accident and I request a tow truck or air ambulance, they will spawn on top of the cars in the accident. I also have had a situation where if I request say EMS or Coroner the Peds spawn on the scence but not with their vehicles - just the Peds and then they just stand there and do not attend to the injured, dying or dead. I suspect there is a configuration somewhere to determine the spawn radius, but I can't find it - it would be cool if they would drive from some location like a firehouse or hospital. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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