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  1. Hi Greg Im also trying to make mine met police, could you give me advice on changing the AI vehicles and police peds to british uniforms and cars anything you have to help me would be great. really intrested in what work you have done on yours
  2. thank you so much for the advice, i will take a look at this and hopefully work something out.
  3. I’ve had a good search around the internet and couldn’t find the answer so was hoping someone in here could help. I would like to add divisions, for example, armed, dog unit, traffic and so on. This giving each division access to different vehicles and weapons. while I’m in the support chat I may as well ask the only other question I have and that is, how do I go about changing the vehicle texture on the cars that the AI drive around and parked up. Say I wanted to change the standard toe truck to a London/UK looking truck. I appreciate any support/advice anyone can give.

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