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  1. Hello, my name is Sgt North ...oh wait that's for another time? Hi I am Alex, the guy behind the YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter presence TheNorthernAlex I have been roaming the media world since 2013 and from the get go I was deeply involved with Police RP and Simulators, as of March 2021 this will not only be my hobby, but I am finally able to make the jump to fulltime creation. You might have seen me either on OCRP or of course playing FivePD on the SAPD server. I am honored to be part of the affiliate program, and I hope that you will stop by on one of my streams and meet not only me but also my amazing community TheNorthernPack.
  2. @TheNorthernAlex ,

    Great to see you getting involved, ?

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