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  1. Super excited to be part of this, thanks for the trust team GPM! ?
  2. Must appreciated of you to come check this section out. I go by the name of SirGerbain and since 2020 I've been focus my time in making GTA RP content with a heavy focus on LEO/Police content/assets for the FiveM community. Whether I role play as my State Police Commissioner character or my criminal character, I'm always trying to deliver the best experience to/from a police perspective. On the side I'm currently expanding my little FivePD server to create public content on there soon, so stay tuned for that because our current list of ideas is already promising. My community is filled with people that love to have a good time and keep the moral high. I'm always available for a chat, so if you do have any questions: feel free to reach out to me. - SirGerbain 10-7 / 10-42 Twitter: SirGerbain Youtube: SirGerbain // SirGerbain Stream Archives Twitch: SirGerbain
    We really learned to love this one in the server and we've also experimented with different ways to handle this one. I totally recommend this one!
  3. I implemented a whole Tow department in my server, as a pure RP role support to the LEO. But this is amazing, can't wait to test this out!
  4. Do you see any errors in your console? (F8 in game)
  5. Unfortunately I experience the same behaviour as the people above me. If you want me to provide some info in order to help you bugfix it, let me know.
    The diversity of this callout pack is what truly adds value to your FivePD experience. Very well made and put together!
  6. Have you tried with temporary disabling all your other plugins/addons, only running FivePD?
  7. I love this callout. Just as an idea: is it possible to have random sets of cars available? 1) The variation you have now 2) Tuner cars (A Jester classic, Elegy, Kuruma,...) with some mod options. You could theme these in a Fast & Furious style 3) Real sports/super cars 4) ...
  8. Did you check the fix posted on the forum to solve the "too many callouts" issue? I had a similar problem like you.
    One of my favorite callouts to pop up from dispatch. Especially if you play with friends, you have a much higher chance to catch them all. As example: I had a guy caught, who stole the car, without license while being drunk.
  9. Have you tried hitting F8, type "restart fivepd" and then try a callout? It won't be a permanent fix, but maybe somewhere a load order might be wrong.

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