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    Med Flight
    I saw a med flight thing when searching one day on google for inspiration for truck paint jobs and came across one, I really liked so I did my best to interpret that and made my own.
    Submitted by Harry™ in Textures  
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    Texas DPS
    Texas pack I did over a year ago for someone, found it in a folder, I've got no use for it, maybe someone else does..  the archive contains the YTD file for TheHurks 2017 CHP pack, (Vehicles files not included)  the skins are for trooper, sheriff and police..
    This is a FINAL version, yes there are bugs on the paint for some vehicles, like the 2013 charger only because the template I used was rather crappy.. there will be no support offered, no updates. Use as you like, you have permission to use on FiveM **however** Id check with the TheHurk and make sure you have permission from him or anyone who has a car of the same model year and template for use on FiveM..
    Hope You Enjoy.
    Submitted by Harry™ in Textures  
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