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  1. I'm working on a callout pack called Emergency Callouts with another dev. We will fully release at 1.0


  2. V1.5.1 when ped is dropped off at Vespucci police station, their marker remains and their pedata overwrites any other ped you come across, as well as adds the questions from the previous callout to the list. Content of the bug report: Vespucci pd doesn't delete the ped fully leaving their data to be called. What issue are you experiencing? Pedata not fully deleting after dropping ped off at Vespucci and going code 4. What did you do for this bug to occur? Dropped suspect off at Vespucci station I can't add a screenshot at this current time, in the hospital currently. I will be able to upload a screenshot when I get home. Easy bug to replicate.

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