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  1. Yeah I forgot to make a department in the mdt and all that. Another question, why does the cuff function not work correctly? Is there a certain trick to it? @Smanbg
  2. Yes, I set up the database, did the hotfix, and jsut fixed the mdt issue. If I installed the Hotfix, do I need to setup the database again? @Smanbg
  3. So the callout menu on Z and the computer don't work on my server.
  4. I'm currently trying another method with @NotCamSlice
  5. where can I download that?
  6. @richiepleaserichNo it just says your_password and its # out
  7. @CalleganI use virmach. @NotCamSliceso you recommend me going to my host?
  8. So I tried setting up the SQL following the guide on the site and whenever I press admin, it just shows Access Forbidden. I attached a picture of it.

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