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  1. I hope someone who is good at EUP texturing can make a BCSO EUP pack that hopefully replaces the stock BCSO EUP textures.
  2. You can't have the better looking skin. You can have the one that came with it or this
  3. yeah true. I personally won't use it. But, it looks really good. Keep up the good work.
  4. Why is the stripes yellowish orange? I've only ever seen US Park Ranger cars with like a dark green. *Never mind I didn't realize it was Bureau of land management texture. But, just based off pictures your brown seems to bright but that's just me.
  5. I sadly think so. Which sucks because I had to reinstall all my cars and I can't find the texture.
  6. Could you make this? Saw it out driving today figured I could ask. Only good old model expedition I know of.
  7. Good pack. The Discord link in the readme say's it is expired.
  8. Ok thank you. I didn't see the green part at first.
  9. Awesome pack! Any plans to do the FPIU and FPIS in the car pack? Or even have an option for Los Santos?

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