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  1. Congrats on the work! Does this fix the issue with the whitelisting the fivepd menu for certain players/groups? I remember reading it would be in the next update.
  2. This is true. But you can add in other "standalone" scripts to interact with other players and whitelist fivepd only to an officer group. I'm currently working on both.
  3. Working great! Thanks for checking!
  4. It would be very helpful to be able to add ace permission groups to the whitelist in a future release so we don't have to manually add users from within the server every time. This would allow me to just assign a role on my discord and be done with it ? Or even allowing the FivePD discord bot to quickly whitelist someone could be another way. Thanks!
  5. That's good to know. Thanks bud! I'm newer here but have spent years playing lspdfr. I will be adding new stuff soon for the community. Is there any expected major changes for 1.5 before I start diving head first with creating content for everyone?
  6. so thats why it was doing that! you would think you want it towed to the mechanic! cant imagine the bill to send one onsite ?
  7. Would be nice in a future update to have the onduty toggle work with fivepds so you dont have to set it twice ?
  8. anyone test this on latest release?
  9. Looks great! And makes it better than having to type /eup in chat.
  10. You should add a github link and add that tasty php/js ? Also the url is for preview expired
  11. Very cool! Makes it easier than having to come up with alot of questions yourself lol
  12. Got it working! but ELS isnt working for this one. Not sure if I didnt do it right there ?
  13. One uses menu other uses popup.
  14. Is there any changes from 1.3.1 and 1.4.1 for this to work?

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