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  1. i have no desire to mod for a game i barely play anymore and have moved on to other things, its not hard to not use a model if its not accurate....if you want to use an over scaled short bus that looks like a utility, knock yourself out and no its not the handling its just that whoever released this unlocked junk of a model didnt bother to scale it down for gta v as other utilites dont have this issue when they are scaled correctly
  2. i wouldnt use it or scale it down...no way in hell any sane person would use a big over scaled tipsy utility, if i was modding again i sure as hell wouldnt use it....its so cringe
  3. desmond;s model is perfect and it doesnt have suspension issues so i dont know why that isnt being used...i just wont use this one period until its scaled down
  4. this model is overscaled dude, its the size of a tahoe and they are not big suvs, not sure why people keep using this model
  5. i know but its not the same as california steady burn and plus the model is high poly as fuck, the game doesnt like high poly models nor can it handle it
  6. looks nice...wish it had steady burns though
  7. might want to update the reflection it looks like its a matte black

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