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  1. We recently updated to FivePD v1.5.1 and all is good and well but randomly it might just stop working and it is only fixed by restarting the server. Does this happen to anyone else? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I've searched this online and cannot seem to find a fix to the issue, this is from the console on VibeGames! Any help will be appriciated! Gameiki
  3. Hello, I've just come across the Radius/X/Y/Z option in the CAD. I have a question about these: what does it mean. I understand it has something to do with callouts (like radius is the radius for the callouts) but I couldn't find any documentation on how to set it up. Is radius the radius from the X/Y/Z position in KM or is the map split up into different radius'. Is the X/Y/Z the player spawn location or is it the centre of the radius? What happens if I have a statewide department (e.g SAHP, FIB etc). Thanks in advanced! Tiny2stary
  4. I struggled to find a good looking fire vehicle with ELS and I finally found this one!
  5. Hello! I've searched and searched on the internet for a script that disables an ELS siren when you exit a vehicle (a bit like the LSPDFR mod when when you press F the siren is disabled). I felt like this would be important on my server as it can get frustrating when there are multiple sirens blasting out and you must go into every individual car checking to find out which vehicle it is! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Ethan
  6. Hello! I've looked all over the internet but cannot find an answer to my question. So I've created my own FivePD server and while testing it out I saw that during pursuits you can see the blip of the suspect and no matter how far you get away you can still see their location. I feel like this is a big takeaway to the realism and I wondered if there was a way of disabling this feature (I have looked inside the files for a feature to disable but with no luck!). So any help will be greatly appreciated! Ethan

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