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  1. UnknownBastion


    Thats super cool! Does it just replace Mount Chilliad?
  2. UnknownBastion


    Dude this is SO SICK! Also, is that a volcano in the background?
  3. Hello, Go into the lspdfr.ini in the lspdfr folder in the Main Directory and change the following to reflect below. Then try again and let me know what happens. If it still doesnt work, send the log again. Ambient.DisableEscapedSuspectEncounter = true Thanks!
  4. FivePD is similar in that you can use community made "plugins" in a sense that it's like LSPDFR just using FiveM to allow multiple people to play it. As for your issue with LSPDFR, is it a game crash or is there a notif in the bottom left that says LSPDFR crashed? If its the second, send your RPH Crash Log. That is a txt file in the Main Directory called either RagePluginHook or RagePluginHook.log. If its the former, rename mods to _mods and try again.
  5. I remember someone else asking for this. Here is what I found: https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclestextures/15337-prince-georges-co-md-texture-pack-with-blaine-county-variants/ Hope This Helps!
  6. Welcome Jake/Holiday! Hope you find everything you need here, whether for GTA V or FivePD! If you need any help, feel free to hit up the support forums and ask away! Hope to see you around!
  7. Heya! Super cool that you work for a Fire Department! Welcome to the GPM Forums! Its always awesome to see people who are new to PC and ready to take the jump into the next level of gaming! If you have any questions, feel free to hit up the appropriate support forum! Hope to see you around!
  8. If you are looking for yourself to make your own skin, it would have to be included with the pack.
  9. Finally! We are starting to see more bus packs! This looks amazing!
  10. Yeah, we were informed today that McAfee removed their link for whatever bs reason they have. Here is another one I have found: https://support.arcserve.com/s/article/201990149?language=en_US Hope This Helps! ?
  11. Please send your RPH Crash Log. It is a txt file that can be found in the Main Directory and is either called RagePluginHook or RagePluginHook.log. Thanks! ?
  12. Hello, In order to solve this, you need to add the GTA V Main Directory (called Grand Theft Auto V for Steam/Retail and GTAV for EPIC) to the exceptions list for your anti-virus. Below is several guides on how to do that with a variety of anti-viruses. After that, re-install RPH. Then restart your PC. Try again. Hope This Helps! ?
  13. Welcome to GPM! Hope you find everything you are looking for! Feel free to hit up one of the support sections if you need help, or as Alex said, stop on by the Discord to say hi! Happy Patrolling! ?
  14. I wanna know how you got it to land....unless it was an emergency landing. ??
  15. Those are some sick 10 Codes....but why post them publicly if you don't want others to use without your permission? Cant really claim them to begin with since they are public knowledge. ?
  16. Awesome photo! Thought I recognized that vehicle too. Another awesome model by Skyline. ?
  17. Ah. Damn it. Thanks for that info! ?
  18. Do you think it possible to link the vehicles used in this pack? I know that you mention that Ripple makes them in the Credits, but it would be helpful to new people to include a link to the vehicle models. Thanks! ?
  19. Hello! Good to meet a fellow lurker! Unfortunate that you weren't able to pursue your career in Law Enforcement but best of luck to you on all your future endeavors! Welcome to the site! ?
  20. Hello, Is this what you are looking for? https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclestextures/15337-prince-georges-co-md-texture-pack-with-blaine-county-variants/ Keep in mind, these are textures. The links to the vehicle templates are in the download description. You might have to look around for an FPIS since TickleMyElmo took his down. Hope This Helps! ?
  21. UnknownBastion


    Ah damn...not really looking for exclusive's. Thanks for the link though! Appreciate your time! ?
  22. UnknownBastion


    Im digging this pack! Is there a link to it?

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