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  1. Alright, I tried what you said, still will not work, I am trying something else, but any more ideas/solutions?
  2. Yeah, there's only a fxmanifest with this inside: I'll try to put that in there. fx_version 'bodacious' game 'gta5' -- lua54 usage lua54 'yes' author 'MrDaGree' description 'A resource which provides extensive controls for Emergency Lighting System-V created by Lt.Caine' shared_script 'shared/*.lua' client_script { 'vcf.lua', 'config.lua', 'client/**/*.lua' } server_script { 'vcf.lua', 'config.lua', 'server/**/*.lua' }
  3. Where exactly is the ___resource.lua? That's the only thing I'm struggling with at this point.
  4. Already did the entire readme. I will have a look at the controls, though.
  5. I checked the ReadMe, there is nothing there other than the installation guide which just says do the ensure ELS, and place it in resources.
  6. The only other thing I mod is the texture, which I do with OpenIV, then put it in Stream.
  7. I tried everything with it, I believe it's something else. VCF seems fine, I tried capital, lowercase, etc, it seems all good.
  8. Let me elaborate, I have installed LuxArt controller, and MrDaGree Els system. It works for any other car, but I have this OPP car from, which I imported, put the vcf in, and streamed the car. The only problem I'm having is that it thinks its one stage, and that one stage is literally the brake lights cycling. When I press Q to switch stages, it just turns off. Anyone know how to fix?

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