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  1. Great mod! I’d love to see more “average” calls. Here are some of my ideas. argument person unwilling to pay at a gas station ding dong ditching complaint car parked illegally domestic disturbance
  2. Maybe add a complaint or shooting callout inside more open interiors.
  3. I would like the ability to be able to see calls officers are currently responding to in my MDT and setting permissions at certain ranks to be able to attach/join the call without requiring backup.
  4. Sometimes when I call for backup (either same or multi agency) it wont go to the other players MDT. Our fix is for players to go on and off duty and then I call for backup again and that seems to work almost every time. Is there a fix to this so our players wont have to go off/on duty if the backup isn't being received?
  5. The bot eventually came online a few hours later and everything ended up working... Weird
  6. So I invited the discord bot to my server and the !fivepd register <ip:port> (which i put in) worked the first time. I had to change some configs and had to start from scratch, kicking the discord bot. I invited the bot back and give it admin permissions, now when i do !fivepd register ip:port nothing happens! The FivePD bot also shows offline in my discord if that means anything Any insight on this? Thanks!

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