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  1. Hi Is there anyway to by pass the main menu that shows up when a person first joins my server for the first time? When I have a player join the server to create a character they can’t close fivepd menu. They have to leave the server then come back in. Anyway around this? Most new player just don’t know they need to do that.
  2. Welcome to FivePD LSPDFR EUP. A server that you can be anybody you want to be with multiple jobs however, the more focus is on Police Officer.
  3. Nice Job- I was tired of NPC's dying all the time. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Development team announce in the future there will be spike strip
  5. This is awesome, I got the app for Ipad and program it with your profile. Job well done. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I just added to resource folder and server.cfg
  7. @Bogi I added to server and it works like a charm. I haven't try to add my own callout yet but awesome job. looking forward for future updates
  8. I was having the same problem and i change the folder name cfx-server-data to server-data and now Fivepd 1.0.4 is working for me. Also make sure to edit the server.bat to the new path. Again it works for me.

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