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  1. Whats up everyone, just wanted to know if there was a way to make departments locked so people would have to apply for departments? if so how do i do that? Thanks in advance!
  2. BIG THANKS MAN!!! that fixed it, i didnt know i had to put it that way, i was just adding the numbers lo thanks again!
  3. what will this do? change the name to fivepd?
  4. An error has occured: Could not load the departments from the database. Message: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. This is the error it reads
  5. { "database": { "username": "zap472162-1", "password": "*********", "host": "", "port": 3306, "database": "zap472162-1" }, this is what my confg.json file looks like at the top, then in my fivepd.sql i changed where it says Database "fivepd" to "zap472162-1" thats it right?
  6. ok so i cant create a secondary database and name it fivepd, so i changed the database from fivepd to my databses name, i changed it everywhere it had to be changed as well, do it absouluetly have to be named "fivepd"? because i used this method as a get around before and it worked then too lol unless something changed to where now thats not working anymore, only thing im starting to think of now lol
  7. for my host do i put it like this or like this ?
  8. do i change anything anywhere else or ONLY inside the confg.json?
  9. is there any other way of connecting to the database? every single thing is correct, literally, and i just keep getting the "can not connect to database" message. i cant think of anything else, and like i said i had it working before the update, so i knew how to install it the 1st time lol thats why i dont understand what changed this time thats stopping me from connecting.
  10. yes i did, thats what i mentioned, i've already changed that to match everything on my server. this all was working just fine until i attempted to update to the latest version, i did NOTHING other than download new version, completely deleted the old version and jus installed the new verion, so i didnt have to go in and update things 1 at a time. then i did eveyrhting i did the 1st time around, i made sure everything matched and now im getting that "cant connect to database" message.
  11. what all do i need to go in and edit? because ive edited the confg.json, everything there matches my zap database. so i've changed all this to match my files "database": { "username": "root", "password": "", "host": "", "port": 3306, "database": "fivepd" is there any other things i need to change in the confg.json file? then i made sure to change the database name in the fivepd.sql file before i imported it to my zap-hosting database. am i missing any other steps possibly?
  12. when i check the console it says "an error has occured, could not connect to database, an error has occured could not load departments from the database, system index out of range" the it says "unloading fivepd" is there something wrong with the departments perhaps?
  13. departments sql? i dont believe i get a departments sql in the download, could this by why? i only get the fivepd folder and the fivepd.sql nothing else
  14. there are no errors. everything is telling me its loading when i press F8. i've made sure all confgs are correct within the json file. database is setup correct. i havent been able to use FivePD since the update, then when i try to uninstall and install a prvious verion, same thing. everything loads but then when in game its not working, it doesnt even say the FivePD logo in upper corner, nothing.

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