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  1. Dang, these look nice! I always love how the Texas state trooper cars look so cool, keep up the great work
    Hiya! this is a lovely thing to use to add more variety to FivePD, I and many others thank you for making this
  2. In the database, you can go to FivePD -> Departments -> Edit the department of your choosing -> Go down to "maxMembers" and input the number you'd like (Note: as of update v1.4, the limit is 10000) Alternatively, you may do it in-game with the MDT system also shown in the example pictures I put. Example pictures: 1. https://imgur.com/a/RAsKFRa
    I love all the work you have done, thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!
    Hiya, thanks for making this! it is very neat and fun to use for RP
    This resource is so awesome to have, it adds to the realism of RP and prevents accidental close combat killing with peds and other online people. Thanks for this!

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