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  1. I am running FivePD on Zaphosting. Just did a fresh install of the latest version, and fresh install of callouts. However, some callouts are not spawning at all. I will get the call from dispatch, have it marked on my map. But when I arrive on scene, there is no one there, so I have to end the call.
  2. When I updated my FivePD from 1.4 (I think) to the latest version the game became very buggy. When I call EMS, Tow, Coroner or any of the services they will either (A) Respond show up, and do nothing or (B) spawn right on the location and just stand there and do nothing. Callouts are also bugged when multiple people are on the server, when showing on scene of the call either (A) the peds are standing there with their weapons/spawned at another locations with their weapons or (B) do not spawn at all. Server Hoster: Zaphosting

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