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    2019 Dodge Charger Pursuit - [FiveM Ready]
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Something simple for those that want to plug-and-play with their unmarked 2019 Charger Pursuit!
    I Intended on this being a small project but went full blast anyways...
    Just recently, i decided to fly solo again in the community, leaving MCMODS for a short time to gather my bearings and do my own thing. 
    MCMODS was my home for more than a year, and I enjoyed every dam bit of it. First off, I’d like to thank the man by my side the whole way @Mcgarret for his dedication to helping me be a better dev, and be a better person, thanks mcgarret! Second, I want to address the whole situation all at once. Yes, I created my own discord, yes I left MCMODS, no, I don’t regret it. Me and mcgarret will be friends forever, that will never change no matter the decisions we make or no matter the circumstances. MCMODS was my home, and technically still is. I thank everyone on the MCMODS team for there contributions to helping me as well. Third, the future. I don’t like to get wayyyy into the future stuff, but I’d like to discuss what I have planned. First off, you all know that the Liberty 2 pack will be completed very soon, and it will be listed soon after. Second, I have some Fire trucks, and battalion vehicles planned for the future as well. After that I’ll be doing some sort of another pack, who knows what?!?? I don’t want to get to far into that because that’s a long way down the road. Third, will I be returning to MCMODS? Well, the future can tell, but for now I’m flying solo as me and mcgarret thought that was for the best of both worlds. 
    Now thats out of the way, back to the file...
    its a 2019 Dodge Charger Pursuit outfitted to be unmarked, but the template is included for those that want to skin it!
    Only one extra, The antennas. Everything else is pretty well hidden for stealth operations!
    I struggled with mp4 file size for 20 minutes so heres a link to the lighting.
    If there are any questions please dm me or contact me on my new discord,
    Len N. Modifications - https://discord.gg/j9CcHTfyf5
    Thanks Everyone, And enjoy!
    Submitted by Len12Nailers in Police  
    160   1322  
    [Non-ELS] 2020 Ford Expedition
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    2020 Ford Expedition for Fire/EMS.
    Made by: Len N.#4444
    I had originally intended on making this a full release on my discord, but i felt that i should give the fire/ems scene in fivem some better apparatus.
    All functioning collisions and lighting, as well as a toggleable traffic advisor and a command light.
    This isnt my first vehicle, nor is it my first free release, but its my first time uploading to GPM.
    All Credits go to the credits section.
    Special thanks to Max and Jacob, who were major testing contributors to help me make the model working properly.
    Understand that this isnt completed, i still plan on removing the sunroof, and changing the wheels, but for now, its good as is!
    The model is locked, and released for free, following the author of the model's guidlines
    Extra 1 - Front Lights Kill Switch
    Extra 2 - Back Lightbar Lights
    Extra 3 - Back Lightbar Traffic Advisor
    Extra 4 - Front Flood light flashers (Amber)
    Extra 5 - Front Flood light White takedown
    Extra 6 - Command Light on roof
    The file named "2020 expedition information" lists all of the vehicles sirens and color codes, so if you want to change the light colors on the vehicle you can easily do so.

    Have a goodnight everyone, and enjoy!
    -Len N.
    Submitted by Len12Nailers in Fire / EMS  
    636   4502  

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