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  1. Oh the memories from that pic @daedaelusGlad to see you are still around.
  2. the only way to do that is what 1NickBrick said... you need to open the .dff, UV map, unwrap, then paint it whatever color you want it.
  3. PArescueEMT


    @Ray you would know... Lol @Trump releasing that skin/ped???
  4. Most models I have and have released are unlocked models. The error you mentioned is one I have seen on occasion when trying to convert a model from 3Ds to Zmod. I agree with the above about trying to find 3DsMax 2010 or 2011. I still have my KamsMaxScript to do the conversions if you need it.
  5. Haven't DLd yet, but is there an included template by chance?
  6. shift+left click on the color you want highlighted, ctrl+x to cut it, switch to new layer, ctrl+v to paste on that layer. That will give you the template
  7. Version 1.0.0


    replacement game map for all of San Andreas from the original GPM RP servers.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    one of the most common img editors for GTA SA to edit the gta3.img
  9. ELM is not compatible with motorcycles. Many have tried to map motorcycle mods, but there was never any success.
  10. As I said, Start simple. Start doing Skins. move on from there. Don't let things intimidate you. Face it head on.
  11. I will return later tonight to help you @Lost_Soul
  12. if you are going to build a scratch built ambulance, I would start with the model, then move on to adding dummies. Once that is done, you need to assign materials and UV Map your model. After all that is done, you have only created you .dff... This is the point to move on to your .txd Do you have a program that will allow you to vies the .txd file or no?
  13. I want to know how many North American style engines they have. I have seen videos with a Pierce as well
  14. My old station. Was Safety Officer and Battalion Chief here.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Another original GPM Download from the first Bone County/Fort Carson Roleplay server. Credits as listed in the file: -Matthias -penguin2254 -Freakinmusket -Bxbugs123 -Rockstar Games -TyMeLeSs for the original model - Rogue (ford sketchup cab)
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the first re-upload from the original GPM. This is the Bone County Sheriff Department pack for the original Fort Carson RolePlay server made by 05bowtie (Grimm) Any other credits are unknown to me as I can't remember how long ago I downloaded this. NOTE: The 05Bowtie TXDhack is included, however in the most recent versions of SA:MP, this no longer works.

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