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4 files

    GPM RP Map replacement
    replacement game map for all of San Andreas from the original GPM RP servers.
    Submitted by PArescueEMT in Scripts / Misc  
    28   1018  
    Alci's img editor
    one of the most common img editors for GTA SA to edit the gta3.img
    Submitted by PArescueEMT in Dev Support  
    30   635  
    Bone County FD Pack
    Another original GPM Download from the first Bone County/Fort Carson Roleplay server.
    Credits as listed in the file:
    -Rockstar Games
    -TyMeLeSs for the original model
    - Rogue (ford sketchup cab)
    Submitted by PArescueEMT in Fire / EMS  
    42   1259  
    Bone County Sheriff
    Here is the first re-upload from the original GPM. This is the Bone County Sheriff Department pack for the original Fort Carson RolePlay server made by 05bowtie (Grimm)
    Any other credits are unknown to me as I can't remember how long ago I downloaded this.
    NOTE: The 05Bowtie TXDhack is included, however in the most recent versions of SA:MP, this no longer works.
    Submitted by PArescueEMT in Police  
    66   1367  

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