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  1. these are so dope. installing them now!!! but where do i get that FPIU with the outeredges ?
    very dope. high quality love the ALPR placement !
    I've beeen waiting for this ever since i saw a little preview by doug. i love and appreciate the work you put into this pack! you're the man! great job!
    super dope. i downloaded it on lcpdfr but i like to support GPM so two for me!
    literally so dope so clean. just wish there were more cars and was lore friendly. but so dope if you decide to do that. ripples SAHP is the first pack that comes to mind.
    thank you for releasing this car !!!! this is such a good thing to come across !!!
    amazing job. hope theres more to come with this design !
    yessir this is a very welcome addition to my bsco fleet. any additions to this in thought ??? FPIU or Tahoe
    pretty dope pack you've been at it for a very long time now. the detail is amazing!!!!
    yessireee !!! fuego per usual ! thanks for releasing
  2. all of the skins say supervisor. are there others in the pack that do not say supervisor ??
  3. so where can I find those alternate wheels for the truck ??

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