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  1. How shortly may I ask? The bearcat looks amazing. But need the other files for this to work...
  2. Can we use this with FivePD 1.1? Once we import it into the databse, we only need to add the info manually in the fields that are new.
  3. The FivePD Load screen shows, but the menus, The text on the top left and minimap dont work
  4. I restarted my server, that is most probably why you will see duplicated text
  5. Ok, here is my console log. I am also using FXServer.exe (txAdmin) to control my server, Dont know if this is why it is not working. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z8FrI3koL6AJFXeZRyceVWqjb1MAIoJY/view?usp=sharing
  6. @BGHDDevelopment No there isn't, I have followed the installation guide and also made sure the folders were correct also.
  7. Hey, I need help with FivePD, I have setup the folders for my server how there meant to be, fivepd loads and starts and it connects to the database, but when I go in-game it doesn't seem to work, Nothing shows on the minimap and none of the menus pop up (even F11) I am using the latest FivePD update. Here is a screenshot of my server console when it starts fivepd.
  8. NVM, I am dumb, I thought you meant the FivePD FAQ's didnt see the FAQ's section here, LOL
  9. I had a look in the FAQ's page, but cant seem to find the How to change the computer wallpaper question?

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