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  1. well...any suggestions how to make my own then?
  2. I downloaded them, then attempted to change the TXD files with the lights and such. I can show you what I did, but yes, public download as zmodeler2 is being a prat and will not open (something about side by side permissions or something)
  3. As I work more and more on textures, I find and more that I really need to learn to change ELM colors. Many fire apparatus run red/white only and my pack should be red/white/blue. But despite my tinkering, I cannot get the textures to change to blue. So I am most likely doing something wrong. Any advice is appreciated. ^-^
  4. So I couldn't get the left click + shift thing to work, but after about 3 hours of tracing, I finally got a template I feel I can use! ^-^ I can't thank you all enough for the help on that. It truly means alot. However, I now find two more issues standing the way of my first mod. First, I have no idea how to do ELM lighting yet. Something about 3d modeling and such? Second, this ambulance model has NO roof mount lightbar. Now in my discord chat with PA, he explained it was a complex process with many things, and changing the model and so I'm asking for more help with that also. Ideally, I'd like to have a Federal Signal Vison SLR on this particular model. If you haven't seen it yet, it's an LED version of the original Vision that also has rotating function. The lights are on a microchip board with a spinning mirror over them that creates the same rotating effect of normal halogens, which is great because the light sweeps over everything in the way of the approaching vehicle to illuminate it, making drivers see the light before they even see the vehicle at intersections blocked by buildings, but is still as bright as normal LEDs, giving the best of both worlds. If someone can help me add that and the ELM, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Edit: A quick work in progress picture from me finishing the trace and adding the base! What do you think? Edit 2:I fixed the file! It was simply too big. It needed to be 1024 x 1024. Anyways, while it needs some editing to make it all match up right, the texture works! You have no idea how overjoyed I am! Now if I can learn ELM, I'll be pumping out mods!
  5. I really do appreciate all the support, I truly do. I just need to find a good step by step (and mean STEP by mother loving STEP) tutorial, with pictures, that can teach me. If I can accomplish one mod, I should have no problem pumping them out because once I do something once (rarely twice or three times) I'll know it for life. I just need that first step. I think to start, I'll download and figure out a nice base. Template and such, do the art, see how that goes. Then, I'll work on doing the ELM. Finally, I'll put it all together and see how it works. Ultimately, my goal here is a small pack for: Ambulance Fire truck Fire truck la Utility van After those, a second pack with all the police vehicles. BTW, I've been having a weird issue. While my ELM works with everything (even non-emergency vehicles) I have yet to find an HPV1000 model with ELM working. Some even look mapped, but they never flash. Is this just a bad selection of models, or is the ELM not compatable with motorcycles? Edit: I got and messed with it, it's really nice and easy to use. But I'm having an issue with the filling in tool. It's only filling one tiny section at a time. Is there a way to like pull the OUTLINE of everything WITHOUT all the triangles inside, so it's just a flat black and white drawing?
  6. So I had a VERY long talk with PArescueEMT and... really question my ideas now. Most of what I thought was rather absurd. Making mods is incredibly difficult, and I simply think that I don't have what it'll take to do it. There are so many steps, so many programs, so much I don't understand, and being that Autism also is murder on my attention span, I think I'll just accept that for me, I will probably not being doing a mod anytime soon. I need to learn all this, and that will take me time. But I appreciate all your help! I really do.
  7. I actually found an ambulance, a beautiful international that just needs paint and lights. The issue is, I can't figure out how to do it. I have veiwed the .txd file, but its just GRAY GRAY and GRAY with a bit of blue. I've torn apart several mods, they are all this way. It's like the base color is everything and somehow everyone just knows where to put the rest...and I have no idea how to change the lights. Edit: added the current mod I found, as well as a quick drawing I did on an international base of what I want it to look like. So do I get my drawing onto that ambulance? x.x and
  8. So, I've been trying for weeks to make my own international ambulance mod, and all I have accomplished is littering my desktop with files, installed useless programs I can't understand, and caused myself a mess of trouble. Also, my youtube is recommending nothing but tutorials I can't follow. I've been trying really hard, but I've accomplish nothing so far. My main issue is that I do NOT know how to view the TXD files. They are always either some solid color, or a few details, and I can't really do. much with it. Really, I'm just confused and giving up hope at this point. I'm wondering what advice/support the community can give me, and if someone would be wiling to help me accomplish a mod just so I can learn. Thank you.

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