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  1. I think it's about time I get goin' again. See you guys soon™

  2. Just posted a new file on the market place, go check it out! ?

  3. Happy fall! Uh, not sure if that's how you say it but anyways, here ya'll go. ?


  4. Happy Halloween folks! :spooky_like: :super_spooky_like:




  5. Happy early 4th! ? 


  6. For those who want to support us here at GPM a little extra check the pinned image. I'm really happy so many people enjoyed the logo, it was a fun project and something I'll remember for a long time. 


    Have a good day everyone and happy early 4th of July to all the Americans! 

    - Billy


  7. Yet another listing go check it out! ?



  8. Two new offers on the GPM marketplace! Go check it out. I'll leave links below for ease of access


    Laptop pack: 


    Antenna pack: 


  9. A question I've thought about for a long time now is, what defines a good modification/asset? This can be anything from the looks to the file size, I'm very interested in hearing what everyone thinks. 

  10. My respects to the fallen heroes of the American armed forces.

  11. Super excited for FivePD! Are you? ?

    1. NorthCam18
    2. connorviva


      yeah baby hope its good with my computer


    3. DIBZER
  12. I send my best regards for those infected by COVID-19. I understand the situation might be stressful, but not impossible! Make sure to self isolate and wash your hands! ?

  13. Not a complaint, just an idea


    As I've said countless times, I really love this website, but there are a few things that I would like to bring up. This is not meant to be me complaining about how the website currently runs but more a constructive criticism to the team behind the scenes, and even to bring up some ideas. First off, instead of making personal Discords a bad thing, why not utilize those to gain more members and recognition? Create an affiliation program, something like what's already a thing but make it easier to get and let the developers advertise their Discord on GPM in return of advertising GPM in their Discord? I'm not trying to say that everyone who's a developer and got a personal Discord should get to be apart of the affiliation program, but more experienced (seasoned) developers. I personally think this would be a good idea for the future of GPM and it's member base.


    My standpoint on the Discord advertising was taken from these lines in the GPM guidelines. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

    • No advertisements. This includes but not limited to: other communities, organizations, companies, referral links, etc.
    • No indirect advertisements. This includes but not limited to: posting a discord link that has content that can be purchased, etc.
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    2. Billy Johnsson

      Billy Johnsson

      After reading your response I know have a better (and clearer) understanding of what the advertising guidelines actually mean, but with the previous text I'm more trying to pitch the idea of the affiliate program to increase activity and members, because from my personal beliefs that's what GPM is missing, members. It's a known fact that the Discords are what's the most popular in the community, and that everyone tend to come back to them, therefore I believe that collaborating with the Discords can create good bonds between GPM and the developer Discords members, which in turn generates clicks and joins. As I previously said, I understand that the team has the final saying but I think it's a good point worth mentioning. 


    3. Ray


      @Billy Johnsson I will talk to our operations director to come up with a solution to allow Discord owners to apply to become a Community Affiliate and come up with a good vetting method. You are 100% right that Discord servers have been the most popular platform for the GTA Modding community and we do need to find a way (and we will) to incorporate our members who own and operate a discord server to become a Community Affiliate. 

      Will definitely keep you and the rest of the community posted ?

    4. Billy Johnsson

      Billy Johnsson

      Good stuff @Ray , thanks for the fast responses.

  14. Just opened a club! Go check it out ? 


  15. This website just keeps getting better and better. Love the theme and marketplace. 


    1. Ray


      Hey Billy!

      We appreciate your kind feedback ?

      I and the rest of the team do our best to make sure we have the best features and the best atmosphere as possible!

      Thank you!

  16. Happy new year everyone! ?

  17. @Skin Works Is the best skin artist out there change my mind

    1. Skin Works

      Skin Works

      Cheers man! Coming from easily one of the best modellers out there!

  18. Damn, that's a cool theme. 

    1. Ray


      Christmas one? Thank you ? 

  19. A bit late but happy Halloween to everyone! ?

  20. Oh what I've missed this site, that's not weird....right?


    Onto uploading ;)

  21. - Help a brother out -


    Lately I've been lacking ideas on what to model, whether it's scratch modeling or assembling a vehicle, therefore I thought it would be a good idea to reach out here and see what ideas you guys have. Do note that this is not a place for yous to spam your ideas and get mad at me for not making them but more a place where we all can get inspired from. 


    Preciate it,


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