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Status Updates posted by Stewie

  1. These are the vMenu numbers for all my new packs like SAST, BCSO, LSPD, USMS.

    Also for everyone asking, My textures are made for EUP 9.0


    Backwards Baseball Cap > Hats & Helmets - #5
    Fordwards Baseball Cap > Hats & Helmets - #83
    Campaign Hat > Hats & Helmets - #13
    Winter Hat > Hats & Helmets - #8
    Cowboy Hat > Hats & Helmets - #1
    MBU Helmet > Hats & Helmets - #17


    Class A > Shirt Overlay & Jackets - #193
    Class B > Shirt Overlay & Jackets - #190
    Polo/k9 polo > Shirt Overlay & Jackets - #94
    Sweater > Shirt Overlay & Jackets - #95
    Winter Jacket > Shirt Overlay & Jackets - #11


    Cargo Pants > Lower Body - #49
    Dress Pants > Lower Body - #25
    MBU Pants > Lower Body - #32


    K9/Patrol Vest > Body Armour & Accessory - #3
    Mask > Masks - #1
    Badge > Bags & Parachutes - #3
    Traffic Vest > Body Armour & Accessory - #1

  2. A lot of you have been asking for this so if your interested in joining

  3. Finishing up Los Santo's Police Department Pack and Will Release When Done, Then Moving On To Los Santo's Medical Services Pack and then hopefully get done the SAFR pack if everything goes to plan!!!! 

  4. Hello guys!!! Thanks for all the support on these releases, I just recently started texturing eup and I love doing it and I think my stuff is getting better as it goes... I would say my new BCSO pack is one of my best so far. 

    But the real reason I am writing this is because I have been seeing a lot of people want SAFR/EMS eup. So here is my offer to you guys, If we hit 50+ Community Reputation on my account I will release a Free SAFR/EMS eup package on GPM ONLY.

    If you don't already know how to give someone reputation its by clicking the like button on my posts!!! 


  5. Coming Within this month

    - San Andreas Probation Officer Package
    - Maybe a Department Of Corrections Package
    - Blaine County Sheriffs Department 

  6. Might also come out with a few small non leo packs before then, like LTD Gas Station Uniform, PDM Uniform, Benny's Motorwork uniforms and maybe a small LSPD swat pack!!! who know's, I got quite a lot of time off due to covid and christmas break

  7. San Andreas Fire Department??????? EMS Subdivison??? ?

  8. We are getting a custom EMS patch made for us, So hopefully we will have a mini EMS pack out within a couple days

    Items that will be included

    Baseball Cap
    Cargo Pants
    Class b
    dress pants
    face mask

  9. Next thing we will be making is K9 Mini Pack (LSPD) Expect it in the following days


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