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  1. yeah, you have to have an account to download there.
  2. he moved all of his downloads to this website now.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I made a texture based off of Traill County Sheriff Department's F-150. It may not be exact... I never go for exact copy's (if I was it would not be lore friendly) This is where you can find photos of the irl truck.. The texture is transparent so you can change the color of the truck to whatever you want I suggest any kind of white color This texture was made to fit with Infidel's DNR F-150 I have no clue if it fits any other F-150 base. here is my discord if you want
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hey, I have been inactive recently and I randomly got the motivation to start making textures again! Here is a texture-based off of Due West, SC They have a very nice design that I liked. This texture will fit any Kane base 16 Explorer. let me know if there are any problems that I can fix with the skin if someone finds any in the comments or in my discord. That’s pretty much it. here is my discord if you want
  5. Avery

    Avery's WIP & Finished

    These are projects I'm either working on or finished with!
  6. Avery


    From the album: Avery's WIP & Finished

  7. Avery


    From the album: Avery's WIP & Finished

  8. Avery


    From the album: Avery's WIP & Finished

  9. Avery


    From the album: Avery's WIP & Finished

  10. Avery


    From the album: Avery's WIP & Finished

  11. skin coming soon

  12. ah ok thanks just never saw it and did not know if I got a mention or something
  13. hey idk if you have made that car or not but I thought about it and really don't want my skin to be on it anymore. If you have posted it I have not got the credit so I want you to delete it or re upload it with a new skin
  14. sorry I don't really plan on making a pack for this livery.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This is a texture I found randomly and thought it was cool enough for me to make. This texture is based off of Columbus Police Department but is not 100% accurate. This texture will fit any 2016 explorer that uses Kane's base. (yes this is only one texture) Thank You to @GTAKING23000for taking these beautiful screenshots!
  16. I don't mind as long as you give me credits wherever you upload it ?
  17. Avery

    North Carolina (6)

    it's actually the Krusty Krab
  18. I just make the skins for cars. The cars I used for the screenshots are ELS cars tho.

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