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  1. i closed the tap and opened again still dose it
  2. For some reason its like i cannot click anything on the CAD. can even create or delete a Dept. If ur able to send one with a Dept i would greatly apreciate it
  3. for some reason i cannot type in admin code
  4. about to test it now. gotta walk the dog first tho
  5. ok how do i replace it with the one i have? Never used the phpmyadmin before FivePD lol
  6. When thinking abit i dont think i did
  7. i just checked. i do have a Dept. Called DOPS. but i cannot see it in the ingame Cad
  8. How do i make the depts in the database?
  9. idk how i do that, i just tried reinstall everything and connected it to the database, joining the server now
  10. @BGHDDevelopment now i can see these icon at the bottom but nothing happens when i try and click on em
  11. Just to make sure i understand right. remove all then test, not reinstall right? edit: Is it all callouts or only ones i have downloaded?
  12. @BGHDDevelopmenti have same problem i deleted the whole folder apart from callouts folder and config file
  13. How do i change the admin code?

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